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There are three types of Long stay Employment Visas depending on your field of expertise, your intentions, and the needs of German. As the largest national economy in Europe and one of the biggest in the world, Germany keeps attracting workers of different levels to come and work here. High salaries, good working conditions, and a wide range of opportunities for workers and professionals from different areas have lured a very high number of people to look up to these opportunities that make them consider Germany as the best chance for their future.

Who Needs a Visa to Work in Germany?

Non-German citizens, who wish to move to Germany and work there, may need a Germany Work visa to do so. There are several countries the nationals of which do not need to hold a visa in order to work in Germany. However, most of world countries fall under the German visa regime when it comes to working in Germany.
The following do not need a visa to work in Germany:
  • Applicants who are nationals of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, the United States of America or South Korea can apply for a residence permit upon their arrival in Germany, with no need to initiate such procedures back in their home country. The above mentioned only need a passport in order to be able to enter the country.

As for nationals of other countries of the world that do not fit in these two categories, they are required to apply for a visa, and obtain one in order to be able to enter and work in Germany.

Types Germany Long Stay Employment Visa

There are three types of Long stay Employment Visa depending on your field of expertise and the economic needs of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Germany General Employment Visa

Those intending to apply under this type of Nationals Employment Visa must fulfill two conditions:

  • vocational qualification
  • a concrete offer of a contract of employment
Germany Special Employment Visa

Germany has established a visa for specialist professionals who wish to work and live in Germany. This type of visa applies particularly to graduates with special professional knowledge, university teachers with outstanding career profiles and experienced managers with an offer of a job carrying a salary not less than 86.400 euros per year.
The only conditions the applicant of these categories must fulfill is the possession of sufficient funds to maintain themselves, and a contract of employment.
According to the European Commision information, a foreign applicant applying for a German Visa, must be able to prove the possession of 45€ per day to the German Embassy or consulate for the period of stay in Germany territory. This might be a document of personal financial statement of the last three months, fixed deposit statement, written confirmation of parents or sponsor that he/she will cover your costs along with a document that shows they have shows they have the means to do so, or other.
Germany Self-Employed Visa
This category includes those who:

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