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Working Holiday Visa: Netherlands signs MOU with Taiwan

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Netherlands and Taiwan signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 16th December 2019 on Working Holiday Visas.

James Lee, Secy-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan and Guy Wittich, Dutch Representative to Taiwan, addressed a press event recently. They said that they hoped that the new Working Holiday Visa scheme would help young people from both countries form closer bonds.

Taiwan becomes the seventh country to have a Working Holiday Visa agreement with the Netherlands. The MOU makes Taiwan the third Asian country to have such an arrangement after Hong Kong and South Korea.

The Netherlands becomes the 17th country, the 12th in Europe to have a Working Holiday Visa arrangement with Taiwan.

Under the MOU, 100 visa places would be set aside by both the countries for the Working Holiday Visa. Applicants aged between 18 and 30 years would be eligible to apply for this visa.

Taiwan nationals would be eligible to apply for one-year visas under the MOU. Dutch nationals would be able to apply for 180-day visas with the provision for extension for another 180 days.

The Netherlands has announced that would formally announce the date from which it would start accepting applications for the Working Holiday Visa. The visa procedure, dates and timelines would be announced once both the countries finalize the details of the Working Holiday Program.

Mr Wittich first came to Taiwan to participate in a summer camp 35 years ago. The summer camp was run by National Chengchi University and the China Youth Corps. He hopes that with the new visa scheme, young people could become ambassadors of relations between the two countries.

The relationship between Taiwan and the Netherlands have been growing stronger in the past few years. Ever since 2016, the Netherlands has been the largest foreign direct investment source in Taiwan. The Netherlands is also Taiwan’s second-largest trading partner in the EU.

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