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Westminster report urges Government to re-think immigration target

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Author: www.centralfm.co.uk

A Westminster report’s urging the UK Government to ensure Scotland can still welcome immigrants post-Brexit.

The Scottish Affairs Committee’s report says migration has made a “vital contribution” to the economy.

But the cross-party report claims Scotland’s inward migration needs are not being “fully met” under the current system.

The report argues the Government should review it’s target to reduce immigration – given the “considerable implications” it’ll have on the economy and population.

It also raises concerns over the number of international students coming to study in Scotland after the UK leaves the European Union.

Chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, Pete Wishart commented:

“This inquiry was launched with a number of aims: to examine Scotland’s immigration needs and to what extent they are met by the current immigration framework; to seek ideas from business and other experts about what improvements could be made; and most urgently, to explore how Scotland’s needs can be met post-Brexit.

“On all these vital matters our inquiry has raised serious concerns. The current visa system for non-EU worker is complicated and bureaucratic and the way the current net migration target is enforced benefits London to the expense of the rest of the country. Scotland’s future population growth is entirely dependent on continued inward migration and it appears that Scotland’s needs are not being fully met under the current system.

“Our report makes practical, evidence-based policy recommendations such as introducing a work visa for agricultural workers and removing students from the immigration statistics that if implemented, will go a considerable way towards safeguarding Scotland’s future labour needs and ensuring it remains a thriving, diverse society. Nobody wants to see a return to the dark days of population decline and economic stagnation.

“Our cross-party consensus that these are the best measures for Scotland should not only emphasise the importance of this issue, but also the need for similarly co-ordinated action on the part of both the UK and Scottish Governments.”

Source: http://www.centralfm.co.uk/2018/07/11/35052/

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