Home Immigration News ‘We become ILLEGAL immigrants overnight!’ British expat fears Brexit backlash

‘We become ILLEGAL immigrants overnight!’ British expat fears Brexit backlash

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Brexit: Expat fears Brits will become ‘illegal immigrants’

Martin Caldwell who lives in Berlin, Germany was one of a number of British citizens living in the EU who contacted Sky News to voice their fears.

He said: “Would we in effect become illegal immigrants?”

Another expat agreed and said: “We are Europeans and by preventing us from having European Union words on our passport you are reducing our identities.”

The comments follow a Jeremy Hunt warning that the Uk and EU are facing a “messy divorce”.

The Foreign Secretary said failure to reach an agreement would be a “terrible mistake” and called for the EU to help find a “pragmatic solution” to the current impasse.

But his Austrian counterpart Karin Kneissl played down Mr Hunt’s warnings that both sides could be heading for an accidental no-deal Brexit although she acknowledged that they were “prepared for the different possible scenarios”.

Meanwhile, Theresa May was planning to cut short her holiday in the Italian Lakes to hold a face-to-face meeting with Emmanuel Macron, one of Europe’s key powerbrokers.

She will travel to the south of France to meet the French president at his Fort de Bregancon country retreat on the Mediterranean coast on Friday.

Brexit no deal is not a possibility says finance expert

Would we in effect become illegal immigrants?

Martin Caldwell

Mr Hunt’s visit to Austria coincides with the country holding the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union, giving Vienna a key role in deciding the agenda for the bloc’s leaders.

Speaking alongside his Austrian counterpart the Foreign Secretary said: “Austria has a special role because of its EU presidency and so all we say is, looking at your huge experience of foreign policy and historical knowledge, let’s not make this one of those moments where a terrible mistake is made which we are still talking about in 20 or 30 years.

“Let’s have a pragmatic solution that allows that deep and special partnership, friendship, between the UK and Europe to continue.”

Brexit news: British expats have been speaking out about their Brexit fears (Image: Sky News)

In a Twitter message, he added: “We want the EU to prosper but there is a real risk of a messy divorce which would be a geostrategic mistake.”

The Foreign Secretary has previously warned that the UK and EU could end up in a no-deal situation by accident even though neither side wants it.

But ahead of their talks, Ms Kneissl poured cold water on that suggestion, telling BBC Radio 4’s Today: “From the (European) Commission’s side, there is a clear-cut schedule, so an accident is not really something people are working for.”

She later said that the talks with Mr Hunt had been “excellent and inspiring” and insisted that “we pursue a pragmatic approach and are prepared for the different possible scenarios of Brexit”.

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