Mr Stewart told broadcaster Al Arabiya on the trip how DFID has pledged to give £55 million to support refugees in Jordan. During the visit, he spent time at Jordan Solar One Power, one of the country’s largest solar fields. He also highlighted how the UK has helped boost Jordan’s economy, by guaranteeing to underwrite loans from the World Bank to the country and provide grants for economic development.

The UK assistance is part of a wider allocation which was announced by the UK Prime Minister at the Jordan Conference in London February 2019. It will provide financial assistance to 22,000 of the most vulnerable refugees, caught in the protracted crisis

The UK assistance, including UNHCR cash support, fits with the aims of the Global Compact on Refugees, a new blueprint to better share the burden of responsibility for refugee situations, which falls primarily on developing and middle-income countries. The Compact was agreed by the UN General Assembly late last year.