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UK ministers back compromise plan on post-Brexit migration: FT

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LONDON (Reuters) – Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet of ministers agreed on a plan to focus Britain’s post-Brexit migration system on high-skilled migrant workers but which would also allow companies to hire low-skilled foreign workers, the Financial Times said.

Last week, official experts recommended prioritizing high-skilled migrant workers after Brexit and that there should be no preferential treatment for workers from the European Union, proposals that worried some business leaders.

The FT said that while ministers backed the experts’ proposals at a meeting on Monday, the idea of giving no preferential treatment to EU workers could change if or when Britain agrees a trade deal with the EU, the FT said.

“That would mean a better deal on migration, but the same offer would be available if we struck trade deals with other countries around the world,” the newspaper quoted a source as saying.

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