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Time to listen on migrants, says NICK FERRARI

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Equally as damaging was the fact that even fewer people, just 15 percent, believe the Government has shown competence in managing the thorny issue.

Unsurprisingly, more than half said public services had come under strain as a result. The survey, entitled the National Conversation on Immigration, sought the views of 20,000 respondents, so don’t allow any critic to blithely write it off as the posturing of a bunch of intolerant racists.

The very opposite is true, as 65 per cent of those asked said migrants bring vital skills to the economy and to the public sector and almost the same thumping majority, this time 59 per cent, agree diversity benefits our national culture.

However, even greater numbers come into play when asked questions about those arriving on the shores, with 88 per cent believing migrants should learn English and 85 per cent saying they should share British values.

Enough with the blitz of statistics; here’s what these figures actually mean.

They reinforce the fact that we are a superbly tolerant nation. So many of us have seen our cities and towns transform out of all recognition.

While much has been positive, you’d have to be clinically insane if you didn’t accept there have been tensions and challenges, many of which have not been met in any way, shape or form.

Since 2001, the population has risen by 6.6 million people and in a 12-month period up to March 2018 the number of migrants who settled here was 614,000.

To put that into context, that is roughly equal to the population of Bristol, which is the tenth biggest city in the land.

Government after government failed to build enough homes, schools or hospitals to cope and anyone who dared to question what was happening around them was initially dismissed as a clueless “Little Englander” and if that failed to deter them, they were deemed racists.

Jacob Rees-Mogg says controlling immigration will help Britons

This report shows Britain is anything but a racist nation and what is so wrong about wanting new arrivals to learn the language?

Decade after decade that was expected of people arriving in the UK.

Indeed, if my late father hadn’t done so this column would be written in Italian! Suddenly, it became discriminatory to tell migrants they needed to learn the language to get the full benefits of living in such a wonderful country.

Instead, signs on roads, in hospitals, courts and other public buildings, were translated into various languages popular in the relevant area.

A leaflet sent to me recently about a change in rubbish collection (naturally it is being reduced!) was in EIGHT languages and there was even a phone number if you needed it translated into something else.

Every day, the NHS, our police and our courts shell out thousands of pounds on translators’ fees.

This is what has fuelled our wholly justified distrust of politicians.

Nick Ferrari left stunned when Corbyn fan denies wreath lie

They lied to us and refused to even listen let alone accept justifiable misgivings and, with virtually no exception, now drop into prepared platitudes when challenged over soaring immigration and its impact.

That explains the wave of popularity for Boris Johnson and his concerns over the wearing of the burka.

At last, a politician who can depart from the set script. Most politicians, whether in central or local government, will seek to ignore or dismiss these findings but that is a calamitous error. They’ve been rumbled, with the most criminal whopper of the lot being the lies told by Tony Blair’s Labour regime.

When they unnecessarily threw open the borders to Eastern Europe’s formerly communist nations in 2004, they said we could expect about 13,000 Poles.

They pretty much stopped counting when the figure got to 700,000.

The people have spoken. While we are rightly tolerant and welcoming and are perfectly at ease about allowing any group that arrives to pursue its faith or individual culture, multiculturalism does not work.

The question is: what chance politicians will listen?

Cometh the hour; faileth the man.

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable’s task last week was to try to rally his party faithful and persuade them that a political party that was only recently part of a coalition government, but now doesn’t have enough MPs to field a rugby team, is still a relevant force.

There was fevered expectation when his conference speech was leaked.

Sir Vince would damn those accursed pro-Brexit Conservatives for their “erotic spasm” that’s put the country in the state in which it finds itself.

That’s right. This 75-year-old, with the look of a man who needs his meals served via a Nutribullet and to ask Nursey where he left his dressing gown, was getting as saucy as a seaside postcard. Regrettably, his Brighton rock flopped and, sounding as if he was either drunk (he wasn’t, of course) or was in need of a new top set, he mangled the phrase into “exoticspresm”.

QT: Vince Cable claims Brexit voters ’have changed their minds’

Come again, Sir Vince? What’s a “ spresm” precisely? A Russian nerve agent, or perhaps the currency of Uzbekistan? Incapable Cable left his audience unfulfilled and, borrowing from the hit TV show Friends, someone needs to tell him: “It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every political leader and it is a big deal.”

What on earth possessed the Royal College of Midwives to back the idea of weighing women during pregnancy so they can monitor how much weight they gain? It is supposed to try to tackle the growing (in every sense of the word) problem of unhealthy children but the idea was dropped in the early 1990s as it was placing undue stress on mothers -to-be.

Err, pardon me… but who said that stress has ended?

It is nature that determines a woman gains weight during pregnancy, as it enables her to feed her baby upon arrival.

This is decidedly no “weigh” to go. n It is reported that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was so surprised by his better-than expected result in last year’s general election that he uttered but one word.

The F-word. He can rest assured, he was far, far from alone in this.

Sir Vince Cable

Sir Vince Cable (Image: GETTY)

For the love of all that is holy, why the consternation and gloom concerning IMF chief Christine Lagarde’s doom-laden prognosis for post Brexit Britain?

You knew before she even stepped off the Eurostar that she would adopt the look and tone of a pathologist conducting a postmortem on a cadaver ravaged with hunger and riddled with disease when asked for her view of the nation’s chances if there is a bumpy Brexit.

She didn’t disappoint. Some things to bear in mind about Miss Moneybags.

She has made no secret of her Remain views. She predicted Britain would collapse within seconds of a “yes” vote in the referendum.

The last time she said anything good about Britain was prior to the Norman Conquest.

She is a devout vegetarian and rarely touches alcohol.

She is a French lawyer who belongs to the political class there that sees the EU as akin to a religion.

Note to Mme Lagarde: Please return to Brussels and stop spouting all this defeatist claptrap.

Carrie Symonds

Carrie Symonds (Image: TWITTER)

Tremendous courage has been displayed by former Conservative Party director of communications Carrie Symonds, above, who waived her right to anonymity to tell how she was targeted by vile, black cab rapist John Worboys.

She was just 19 when she was picked up by the man believed to be the country’s most prolific sex attacker and earlier this year she successfully lobbied ministers to ensure a parole board ruling was overturned and Warboys remained behind bars.

There is a suggestion her defiant stand contributed to her departure from the key post. If that were true, it is shameful and perhaps the Conservative heirarchy might choose to fully investigate that rather than pontificate over one of Boris Johnson’s recent columns.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/comment/columnists/nick-ferrari/1021498/Time-to-listen-on-migrants-says-NICK-FERRARI

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