Tighten border controls to fight surge in crime – EXPRESS COMMENT

Author: express.co.uk

Recorded crime in England and Wales has hit the highest level in more than a decade, with 89 murders in London alone. Much of this horrific surge of violence is down to a failure to control our borders, a situation exploited by criminals.

Former Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs has told the Daily Express that the situation is “chaotic” and that the Border Force can’t cope.

“At the moment we have got a Border Force, which despite having some very good people within in it, is not fit for purpose,” he said.

This is precisely why the British people voted in the EU referendum the way they did: so we can take back control rather than allowing the current free-for-all.

Organised crime is thriving not only from our lack of resources but our inability to limit the number of people entering Britain on EU passports.

“Much of this horrific surge of violence is down to a failure to control our borders” (Image: GETTY)

While queues increase at airport immigration desks, more insidious queues of low-life drug-dealers are forming on the Continent waiting to cross the Channel to peddle their poison here, with catastrophic results.

As Mr Hobbs puts it: “There’s a cocaine explosion on our streets because it is not a high priority for the Border Force.”

Home Secretary Sajid Javid needs to make this his number one priority.

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