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The Brexit Border in 4 key slides

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Recently I decided that what is needed right now are some slides that attempt to put the Brexit border issue as simply as possible. This is a pared-back and simplified overview of complex matters, but it’s my attempt to provide an outline of what border controls could mean for different types of border with the EU after Brexit. It is the second draft of a work in progress and any corrections, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Slide 1 shows the different scale of customs controls on the movement of goods across an EU border, depending on the trade relationship a country has with the EU.

Slide 2 shows what customs controls mean in practice for operators and customs agencies.

Slide 3 shows what technology can do at a border and what is still nonetheless required to enforce a customs border.

Slide 4 shows the possible scenarios for UK/EU, GB/NI and NI/IRL border in light of the UK/EU Joint Report of 8 December 2017.

Posted by Dr Katy Hayward, Reader in Sociology in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. For more information and links to some of Katy’s recent publications, please see her Queen’s homepage.

AUTHOR: Katy Hayward

SOURCE: https://sluggerotoole.com/2018/03/08/the-brexit-border-in-4-key-slides/

POST DATE:March 8, 2018

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