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Taxpayer to pay £187K for children of ILLEGAL migrants facing deportation

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TAXPAYERS are forking out £300 a WEEK in benefits for the children of two illegal immigrants facing deportation. The handout has been promised for the next nine years, adding up to a total of £187,000.

The children’s father was accused of domestic violence after arriving in the UK on a fake passport, while their mother was found to have lied on her application for asylum, a family court heard.

The two children, understood to be a seven-year-old boy and one-year-old girl, who were both born in the UK, have been placed with their aunt after the court ruled their parents were unfit to care for them.

The family’s county council has agreed to pay an annual £15,600 to the children over the next nine years until the older boy turns 16, working out at a £300 per week bill for taxpayers.

The younger girl will then be supported for six years at around £150 a week, which will bring the total bill to around £187,000 by the time she is aged 16.

Mr Justice Moor said the allowance would ensure the children have a comfortable and secure life.

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “This case lays bare the cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers.”

The judgment revealed the mother, 37, arrived in the UK on a working holiday visa from Africa in 2004 before switching to a student visa until 2012.

She then applied for UK residency but was turned down in 2013, it has been reported.

The woman then applied for asylum, claiming to be a victim of sex abuse and trafficking.

These were understood to have been false and the application was denied.

Meanwhile, the children’s father arrived on a working holiday around the same time as their mother and was convicted of possessing a fake passport and jailed for six months.

He has also reportedly spent eight months in a detention centre, at a cost of at least £86 per day.


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