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Student kicked out of university after saying halal meat is ‘inhumane’ and ‘barbaric’

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Author: Jimmy Nsubuga

A student who doesn’t like halal meat, thinks immigrants should not get free NHS care and is worried about the ‘islamisation’ of the UK has apparently been thrown out a university for his views.

Sebastian Walsh, 19, claims The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) suspended him after it received several complaints from other students.

The first year student had told friends he would never eat at Subway or KFC because they sold halal meat that had been slaughtered without stunning.

Ukip member Mr Walsh said: ‘All I did was voice my opinions during debates about immigration.

‘I am totally against halal meat because I think it’s cruel – it’s an inhumane and barbaric way of slaughtering animals.

‘In another seminar class, we had a discussion about the privatisation of the NHS and I simply said I don’t think free healthcare should be available to immigrants.

‘These are views held by many people in the public and I believe I should be able to express them freely.

‘I feel completely victimised by my university.’

A UCLAN spokesman admitted they had suspended Mr Walsh his Social Work studies in September but said he could return if he signed a good conduct agreement and took a diversity training course.

Mr Walsh, from Wigan, refused to do this after describing himself as a free speech advocate’.

He added: ‘Freedom of speech is a human right and I am determined to stand by this.

‘I will be fighting the university’s decision on this to make sure others aren’t punished for their opinions in future.’

Mr Walsh is being helped by Ukip, with its treasurer Neil Graham pointing out the Government released a document this month to protect free speech in higher education.

A UCLAN spokesman said: ‘UCLAN is proud to host a campus community comprised of many cultures, faiths, nationalities and beliefs.

‘It values this rich diversity and takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all.

‘The University promotes lawful, open debate, the discussion of varying views and academic freedom and has in place robust procedures to ensure this can take place.

‘In this case, a number of official complaints were made by students regarding a series of offensive and inappropriate comments made by Sebastian Walsh during lectures and seminars.

‘We cannot divulge the actual comments made by Sebastian as they formed part of a confidential investigation.

‘However, they clearly breached a number of the University’s conduct regulations, including those relating to harassment and bringing the University into disrepute.

‘In line with our official procedures, an investigation ensued, and a disciplinary hearing took place.’

Source: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/22/student-kicked-university-saying-halal-meat-inhumane-barbaric-8712590/

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