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Shocking Scenes As Refugees Chase Down Lorry In Desperate Attempt To Cross UK Border

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Author: Mike Wood in NEWS

The video was taken in the French town of Ouistreham in Normandy, an area which has previously not been associated with refugees.

It is not known when the video was shot. It was published by anti-EU group Leave.eu on Twitter.

“I filmed the five videos after arriving,” said the person who caught the incident.

“I stayed five days at the hotel lighthouse and I took a video every day. I was with my partner and we were a little shocked on arrival. That’s why I filmed several live scenes.”

Sources online suggest that the migrants are predominantly Sudanese, although these reports are unconfirmed.

While there have been migrants on the French side of the border for a long time, it is rare for scenes such as those captured to be seen as far away from the usual hotspots around the Channel Tunnel.

Ouistreham is around 350 kilometres along the coast from Calais, the main port over the English Channel.

There is a regular ferry service to Portsmouth in England, though in general traffic is far lower than it is in Calais.

There have been established camps for migrants for well over a decade, with the Sangatte camp existing since at least 1997.

Reports of migrants choosing alternative locations to attempt to make their crossing into the UK have been on the rise of late, with more challenging conditions in Calais causing some to take their chances elsewhere.

There is little infrastructure in Ouistreham to deal with large numbers of migrants and thus many have taken to camping in the countryside near the town.

“It’s hell,” said a Sudanese man to French news outlet AFP last year. “Last night we couldn’t sleep in the woods, it rained all the time. But each time we tried to sleep somewhere in the city, the police came to tell us to leave.”

Brittany Ferries, which operates the port at Ouistreham, released a statement last year that touched on the situation.

“Since 2015, security measures and procedures have been significantly tightened at all our French ports, including Ouistreham,” they said. “It is therefore very hard for those seeking to access the port illegally to do so.

“A consequence of robust port security is that migrants, who are often part of highly organised criminal gangs, are attempting to access lorries before they get to the port.

“Brittany Ferries deeply regrets that its freight customers are being targeted and will continue to work with all relevant enforcement and security authorities in the UK and France to do everything it can to share intelligence and prevent these infractions away from our ports of operation.”

Source: http://www.ladbible.com/news/news-watch-as-refugees-chase-down-truck-in-hope-of-getting-to-uk-20180818

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