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Ruthless people smuggling gangs are using refrigerated lorries and unguarded private airstrips to bring illegal immigrants into the UK, police warn

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Ruthles gangs are using refrigerated lorries to smuggle migrants into the UK, the National Crime Agency has warned.

Organised networks are cashing in on those desperate to get into the country by any means, the NCA said in a report.

Investigators at the ‘British FBI’ said gangs are making millions from the closure of migrant camps at Calais and Dunkirk which has had little impact on the activities of ‘professional’ criminals.

NCA chiefs said illegal migration remains one of the most serious crime threats the UK faces, with people smugglers continuing to favour hard-sided refrigerated lorries despite the risk of suffocation and hypothermia.

Organised gangs are also illegally bringing people into the country by air under false documentation, the report warned.

They may be taking advantage of more than 3,000 small airstrips, many of them with no security or controls.

Intelligence reveals organised crime groups have spent significant money buying or hiring aircraft.

The UK has over 3,000 airstrips, presenting opportunities for criminals to use general aviation to exploit the UK border,’ its NCA assessment says.

‘It is highly likely that organised crime groups will continue to use general aviation in order to facilitate the illegal entry of migrants.’

Smaller airfields in rural areas have very limited security to stop the smuggling or drugs and people.

The NCA also warns the UK’s 11,000 miles of coastline, with over 950 ports, harbours and marinas, presents a challenge.

‘Organised crime groups facilitating illegal migrants will continue to be an issue for the UK,’ the report said.

In a disturbing overview of crime threatening the nation, the NCA report said there are around 4,600 organised crime groups in the UK.


Meanwhile analysts identified a growing number of guns smuggled in from Eastern Europe and the Balkan states.

The UK remains a prime destination for foreign ‘politically exposed persons’ to launder proceeds of corruption. Officials said that they are attracted by a small number of corrupt accountants, lawyers and other professionals who can help hide their illegal assets.

The ubiquity of mobile phones in jails is also letting gangsters continue to run their empires from behind bars.


Online shopping fuels spike in gun violence

Rising gun violence is being fueled by our national addiction to online shopping, the NCA report has revealed.

Smuggling gangs are hiding weapons among legitimate parcels.

An ever increasing number of parcels are being exploited by gangs who are ‘concealing illicit goods among legitimate traffic,’ the report says.

it also warns ‘technological advancements and the increase in the use of social media’ is providing more opportunity to criminals – including peadophiles.

Lynne Owens, the director general of the NCA, said: ‘This year’s assessment shows that organised crime groups are exploiting digital technology, for instance using encryption to community, and dark web marketplaces to aid their activities.’

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