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“Respect the conference vote on free movement,” say over 1,000 members

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Author-Sienna Rodgers

Over 1,000 Labour members have signed an open letter calling on the party to “respect the conference vote on free movement” after it appeared that Labour’s immigration policy had not changed.

Earlier this week, Labour conference voted almost unanimously in favour of a motion – ‘Composite 20’ – that advocated maintaining and extending freedom of movement, even under the circumstances that the UK leaves the EU.

The policy proposal approved by delegates also included commitments to closing all detention centres, and extending equal voting rights to all UK residents regardless of nationality.

But on Thursday, Diane Abbott appeared to confirm during a BBC Radio 4 interview that the party would not be complying with the demands issued in the conference immigration motion.

Instead, the Shadow Home Secretary said that “in terms of who comes in, one of the things that we are suggesting is a new system of work visas”. She pledged that Labour would implement “a fair and just immigration system”.

In response to these comments, the open letter states: “We call upon the leadership of the Labour Party to reaffirm the principles they have fought for unceasingly throughout their lives, and make clear that they will support the policies passed by conference in Composite 20.”

The Labour Party is not strictly bound by policy passed at its annual conference. It is the ‘Clause V’ meeting – held once an election is called – that decides which parts of the party programme are included in the next manifesto.

There have been calls for this process to be reformed, and the letter says that “if conference is to be sovereign, there cannot be any picking and choosing which motions are adopted and which democratic decisions cast aside”.

Commenting on the open letter, Labour MP and signatory Paul Sweeney said: “Freedom of movement is a workers’ right and a key part of any internationalist, socialist movement, especially when tied to strong trade union organisation to ensure exploitation is kept to a minimum.

“That’s why I was delighted that the Labour Campaign for Free Movement’s immigration and asylum motion was almost unanimously passed by delegates at conference. I am confident that our leadership, who are lifelong proponents of both migrants’ rights and party democracy, to respect conference’s decision and put this resolution of conference at the heart of our party policy.”

Below is a list of the open letter signatories.

Josh Lovell, Stevenage, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, UCU
Ana Oppenheim, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Unite
Paul Sweeney MP, Maryhill and Springburn, MP, Unite and GMB
Julie Ward, NW Durham, NW MEP, Unite
Marcus Thorne, Lewisham Deptford CLP, GC Delegate
Nadia Whittome, Nottingham South, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, GMB
Emma Jones, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Oxford West & Abingdon CLP, Unison
Nicole Obidowski, Lewisham Deptford, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee
Sabrina Huck, Tooting CLP, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Unite
Kelly Rogers, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, United Voices of the World
Mark Crawford, Lewisham Deptford, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Workplace Representative, PCS
Ben Towse, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Camden UNISON
Alena Ivanova, Bethnal Green and Bow, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Unite
Conor Sewell, Sevenoaks, Disability and Social Media Officer, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, PCS
Michael Chessum, Streatham, Labour Campaign for Free Movement steering committee, Unite
Renato Marques, Brighton Pavilion, Unite
Magi Young, Exeter, GC delegate
Grace Millar, Wolverhampton South West, UCU
Christopher Hall
Emily Bagnall, Canterbury, Youth Officer, Unite
Josh Connor, Bristol East, UNISON
Pavlina Draganova, Brockley
Alexandra Bulat, Cambridge
Joshua Chown, Hornchurch and Upminster, USDAW
Spen Greenwood, Hornsey and Wood Green
Matt Creasey, Stevenage, Stevenage South Branch Secretary, Unite
Eloise Harris, Bethnal Green and Bow, Lead Conference Delegate, Unite
Patrick Jenkins, Greenwich and Woolwich, Ground Team Organiser, Labour for a Public Vote, GMB
Xavier Sousa, St Peter’s and North Laine, member
Louisa Metcalfe, Camberwell and Peckham, GMB
Hari Sarasan, Wokingham, Branch Chair
Priya Rane, Hackney South and Shoreditch
Robert Witts, Lewes, UCU
Keiran O’Neill, Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn, Holyrood PPC and Secretary, GMB Scotland
Rosie Heller, Sheffield Heeley
Sue west, Milton Keynes north, Unison
Ed Maltby, Sheffield Central, GMB
Ralph Palmer, Putney CLP
Rowan Fortune, Brentford and Isleworth
Reuben Duffy, Airdrie and Shotts, GMB
Stuart Cox, Dover/Deal, Disability Officer
Nate Bethea, Peckham and Camberwell
Josh Kitto, Mitcham and Morden CLP, Unite
Deeba Syed, Bethnal Green Bow CLP, CLP Women’s Officer, Society of Labour Lawyers Exec, GMB
Steven Carver, Bethnal Green and Bow
Amen Tesfay, Enfield North, Youth officer, GMB
Daniel Nichols, Romford, Political Officer, UNISON
Steven Edmondson, Glasgow South
Tom Barringer, Tottenham, GC Delegate, delegate to 2019 National Conference, UNISON
Alex Blenkhorn, Denton and Reddish, Labour member and Unison Steward
Annie Wenn, Harborough
Dewi John, Brentford & Iselworth, Branch chair
Lovejeet Chand Mehay , Romford, Bame officer, GMB
Patrick Howard, Central Devon, CLP Delegate 2019, Unite
Aled Canter, Clwyd south
Joseph Lynn, Bethnal Green & Bow
Richie Nimmo, Manchester Central, UCU
Steven Chapman, Sheffield Central CLP, Unite
Rhian Keyse, Exeter, UCU
Thomas Gilbert, Islington South and Finsbury
Luke Myer, Liverpool Riverside CLP, USDAW
James Lomas, York Central, UCU
Sahaya James, Lewisham Deptford
Cllr Eve McQuillan, Bethnal Green and Bow, Councillor for Bethnal Green, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Unite
Roz Kaveney, Hackney South and Shoreditch
Lewis Bloodworth , Bedford, None, UCU
Sandy Paul, Poplar and Limehouse, Membership Coordinator, EC, Unite
Jack Witek, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport
Abbie Clark, Stevenage, CLP Secretary, Unite
Lee Griffiths, Bethnal Green & Bow, Secretary, Unite
Sylvia Veale, Portsmouth North, Member, Unite
Sebastian Budd, Reigate and Banstead
Florian Kobisch, Lewisham-East, , BECTU
Ian Maloy, Labour International
Matthew Hexter, Cardiff North, GMB
Judy Atkinson, Brentford & Isleworth, Branch chair Chiswick , Unite
Mike Vessey, Chelsea & Fulham , Vice Chair, GMB
Jakub Stawiski, Poplar and Limehouse, GMB
Colin O’Driscoll, Labour International, CLP Vice-Chair , R+D Belgium
Hannah Webb, Hornsey & Wood Green, UVW
Gianamar Giovannetti-Singh, Cambridge CLP, UCU
George Buskell, Unite
Jenny Lester, Edinburgh North and Leith
Marcus Ballard, Peterborough, Unite the Union
Anna Paterson, Poplar & Limehouse, Political Education Officer
Daniel Davison-Vecchione, Cambridge CLP, UCU
Namaa AL-Mahdi, Feltham and Heston, CG delegate, Community and Unite Community
Raquel Nunes Palmeira, Hornsey and wood green , GC delegate, UCU
Jake Roberts, Lewisham Deptford
Blue Weiss, Haringey
Rory Kent, Cambridge CLP, UCU
Tam Lee, Brent
Josh Lovell, Stevenage, LCFM Steering Committee Member, UCU
Jenny Bulstrode, Cambridge, UCU
Ruth Day
Emile Burgoyne
Teddy Groves, City of London and Westminster
Rob Hardy, Selby and Ainsty, Unison
Lynn Morris, Canterbury, Editor – Open Labour, UCU, Unite
Kate Robertson, Canterbury & Whitstable, Women’s Officer
Nicola Quinn, Poplar and Limehouse, Social Media Officer, Unite
Mark Whiley, Hornchurch and Upminster
Alex Mees, Camberwell & Peckham
Owen Dowling, Cambridge, Unite
Farah Wise, Hammersmith and Fulham, Unite
Sarah Dorman, Lewisham Deptford, Vice Chair Lewisham Deptford womens forum, UVW
Josie Moore, Chipping Barnet
Danny Blackwell, Sevenoaks
Adam Smith, York
Doug Wilson, Oxford West and Abingdon
James Kneale, Mitcham and Mordern, UCU
Arrun Degenhardt, Dulwich and West Norwood
Shadab Ahmed, Cardiff North
Adam Marques Almeida, Camberwell and Peckham
Giulia Jones, Cathcart, Youth Officer
Timothy Christian, Fylde CLP, PCS
Daniel Randall, RMT
Callum Harries, Streatham
John Nisbet, Horsham
Holly Weston, Hull North
Frances Grahl, West Ham, GC delegate, UCU
Alex Fernandes, Tooting, BECTU/Equity
Kieran James
Ben Margolis, Chelsea and Fulham
Holly Harwood
Jamil Ismaili, Cardiff South and Penarth, BMA & Socialist Health Association
Kevin Connor, Brighton Kemptown
Daniel Deery, Stirling, Chair of Stirling University Labour Society
Anita Israel, Southwark , Education officer, Ual SU
Paul Clark, Labour International
Stephen Wood, Hornsey & Wood Green, RMT
Lauren Tapp, Hackney North, UVW
Lydia Day, Brent
Maya Thomas-Davis, Greenwich & Woolwich
Edward Williamson, Chipping Barnet
Ryan Konkolewski, Alyn & Deeside, Branch Secretary
Alex Brent, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, GMB
Katie Crosson, Camberwell and Peckham
Andrew Davis, Argyll and Bute, EIS
Heidy Kempe-Böttcher, Manchester Withington
Rachael Saunders, Bethnal Green and Bow, Community
Tom Harris, PCS
Harry Ridgewell, Hitchin and Harpenden
Matt Evan Green
Rowan Simpson
Jack Barry, Ealing Southall, Asst Youth Officer
Peter Allan, North Devon
Jacqueline Rust, Sleaford & North Hykeham, Unison
Andrew Godfrey, Cardiff Central
Anisha Faruk, Oxford West & Abingdon, UNISON
Luke Tyers, Bristol West, IWW
Tom Zagoria, Poplar and Limehouse, Branch Secretary, PCS, Unite, BFAWU
Will Stephens, Hampstead and Kilburn
Ian Townson, Battersea (currently expelled), Secretary, Lambeth & Southwark Unite Community (personal capacity)
Findlay Bewicke-Copley, Watford
Jordie Bokor, Streatham / Nottingham South
Rachel Barker, Hendon CLP, UNISON
Sacha Marten, Tonbridge and Malling CLP, Vice Chair Membership and LGBTQ+ Officer, Labour 2019 delegate
Rada Lewis, Putney CLP, Political Education Officer
Jake Cable, Welwyn Hatfield CLP, Unite
Mike Williamson, Edinburgh Central, Vice President Membership, Unite the Union
Glenn Sutherland, Islington South and Finsbury, Unison
James Clyne, GMB
Ed Ive, Lewisham Deptford, Unite
Keith Simpson, Hazel Grove
Eve Hill, Labour International CLP, Women’s Officer, Unite
Lily Baker, Poplar and Limehouse, Equity
Cris Clark, Stevenage, Fundraiser
Jake Simms, Hammersmith and Fulham
Diane Roome, Poplar and Limehouse, NEU
Stina Pettersson, Hackney North Stoke Newington
Sam Pallis, Hackney North, Councillor
Eileen Means, Bristol West CLP, Bristol City Council Candidate
William Sorenson, Oxford East, USDAW
Chloe Hopkins, Beverley and Holderness
Mick Sidaway , North Norfolk, RMT
Angela Malone, Newport West
Tony Roome, Poplar & Limehouse, GC Delegate, Prospect
Tara Hanks, Brighton and Hove, Unite
Caitlin Herbert, Cotswolds
Magnus Høgenni, Aberdeen Central, Social Media Officer
Vijay Jackson, Edinburgh Central CLP, Political Education Officer, Unite Community
Holly Brazier Tope, Hammersmith and Fulham
Benjamin Eckford, Newcastle upon Tyne North, GMB
Steven Daly
Jae Armstrong, Edinburgh Central
Kenny Love, Hackney South & Shoreditch, Branch secretary (King’s Park), Unite Community
Ed Field
Martin Warne, West Ham, GC delegate (Co-op Party)
Jordan Gallagher, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Jeremy Butler, Guildford, National Education Union
Stewart Davidson, Dumbarton
Robert Munton, Chingford and Woodford Green, Unite
Robert Coates, Camberwell & Peckham
Salman Shaheen, Bentford and Isleworth, Chair of Labour Group, Hounslow Council, Unite
Faria Tabassum, East Ham
Marcelina Rejwerska, Wokingham
Cameron Disley, Blackburn
Christie Neary, Hornsey & Wood Green, NEU
Joe Gamble, Edmonton, IWW
Mark Knoop, Lewisham Deptford
Benjamin Hunter, Cities of London & Westminster
Rimone Newman
Seamus McCauley, Sevenoaks, Chair
Debbie Friedman, Finchley & Golders Green
Lynsey Hanley, Wavertree
Jonathan Hawkins, Wokingham
Douglas Holton, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Co-Disability Officer, Equity
Jim Denham, Selly Oak, Unite delegate, Unite
Richard Coles , Wrekin, None
Adam Dockray, Bramley CLP
David Davies, Rhondda
Julie Lloyd, Wokingham, Delegate, Unite
Joe Newman, Lewisham Deptford, Musicians’ Union
Jo Gowers, Finchley and Golders Green, Diversity Officer, Unite
Anita Harmer, Cambridge
Maisie Sanders, Hornsey and Wood Green, Unite
Sarah Samm
Nick Whitaker, Hornsey & Wood Green
Anita Harmer, Cambridge
Sufyan Ahmed, Bradford West, Youth Officer
Ruth Milsom, Sheffield Hallam, Communications officer, Unite
Beverly Keenan , Stretford and Urmston, United
Doug James, Walsall South, Councillor, Unite
Glynis Stevens, North Warwickshire, Retired
Denis Buckley
Siobhan Strode, North Devon, Vice chair, Unite Community & NEU
Kevin Tipcorn
Charlie Kiss, Poplar and Limehouse, Unison
Adrian Scandrett, South Northamptonshire, Conference delegate, UNITE
James Westover, Bethnal Green and Bow
Sarah Gould, South West Hertfordshire
Andy Hoskins, GMB
John Tressillian, Rochdale, Unison
Lisa Fresle, Redruth and Camborne
John Bowden, Gorton, Unite
Anja Linke, Westminster North
Theodora Polenta, Rushcliffe, LGBTQIA+ CLP Officer, IWW
Chloe Ingram, Tooting, LGBTQ officer, Unite
Helen Dickson, Liverpool, Wavertree, Women’s Officer, Unite
Martyn Rush, Oxford East, Cllr, UCU
Laura Woodhouse, Sheffield Central
Steve Jones, Weston super mare
Ian Dorde, Stoke-on-Trent, Unite
Chris Bright, Camberwell & Peckham, Unison
Lorna Coupland, Birmingham Erdington, UCU
Daniel Brown, Lewisham East, Unite
Graham Martin, York Central, Unite
Stephen Bentley, Spelthorne, PCS
Jane Ellis
Marie Campbell, Sheffield Central, NEU
Jeremy Lynton, Poplar and Limehouse
Oliver Alpguner, Walthamstow
Adam Jones, Withington, Unison
Gerard Burke, Milton Keynes South
Alan Coles, South Northamptonshire, Unite
Jon Irving, N Ireland
Lorcan Whitehead, Colchester, Borough Councillor, UCU
James Beckles, West Ham CLP, Council and cabinet member (Newham), GMB and UNISON
Andrea Gilbert, Putney, UNITE
Ian Venables, North Thanet, Chair, Unite
Naomi Pratt, Islington North, London Renters Union
Jaice Titus, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP, Vice Chair Cazenove Branch & CLP Delegate, UCU
Sally Wilcox, Harwich and North East Essex, UCU
Stuart Jordan, Lewisham Deptford, Unison
Bill MacKeith, Oxford West and Abingdon, NUJ
Jacob Deans, Witney
Moira Harwood, Royton north, Unison
Maz Winstanley, Cardiff North
Eleanor Clarke, Holborn and St. Pancras, Unite
Daviy Rhodes, West Dorset , Treasurer
Derek Hartley, Unite
Sophie Cameron, Hackney North, Councillor
Matt Windsor, Harrogate and Knaresborough, UCU
Ruth Gordon-Weeks, Dawn
David Field, Bethnal Green and Bow , Disability Officer, TSSA
Harry Gibb, York, TSSA
Chris Jardine, Edinburgh Central, Vice Chair of Edinburgh Labour Students, UCU
Nelly Takla-Wright, Bradford west, , GMB
Eda Seyhan, Hackney South & Shoreditch, Unite
Paul Hanes, Tower Hamlets, Unison
Angela Kehoe-Jones, Wavertree, Lead for Church Ward, NEU
Alex Stuart, Basingstoke
Shaun Friend
Lynne Moody, Hull East, GMB
Saraid Dodd, Lewisham West and penge
Anne Amison, Walsall South, Unite
Rebecca Galbraith, Croydon North, GC delegate, UCU
Laura Schwartz, Lewisham and Deptford, Chair Brockley Branch (2017-2018)
Alex Beverley, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport, Women’s Officer, Unite
Gwyn Rees, Eastleigh CLP, Unite
Niall Mulligan, Horsham
Jane Lawson, Withington, Unite
Benjamin Chadwick, Labour International
Jenny Symmons, Bethnal Green and Bow, Campaigns Officer, GMB
Caroline Powls, Finchley and Golders Green, GC Delegate, Unison
Julie Wintrup, Newbury, Treasurer, UCU
Ibrahim Sirkeci, Hornsey, UCU
Veronica Bolan, Glasgow East, Unison
Bernard Forbes, Labour International CLP
Clare Fermont, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, GM delegate, Unite
George Cook, Northampton South
Ruben de Dios Armesto, Bethnal Green and Bow, Tower Hamlets LCF
Stuart McMillan, Sheffield Central, Sheffield Young Labour committee, Unite
Nicky Bashall, Colne Valley
Tom Greenwood, Leyton & Wanstead, Social Media Officer, Unison
Rory Lee, North East Somerset, Unite
Laurence Connell
Calix Eden, Lewisham West & Penge, UCU
Daniel Ryan, Hendon
June Simmons, Brentwood and Ongar, Women’s officer, Exec Committee, was NALGO
Peter Rees, Aberconwy, UCU
Rebecca Brumpton, Gainsborough, Vice Chair/Policy, GMB
Om Herekar, Harrow East
Toby Parker Rees, Lewisham, Deptford, Unite
Steve Doone, Devizes
Louise Braithwaite
Katy Oxton Vargas, Colchester, Women’s Officer, Unite Community
David Plant, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
Bridget Chapman, Folkestone Hythe, Chair of Kent Anti-Racism Network, NEU
Michael Creamer, Northern Ireland, IWW
Jonny Jones, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, CLP delegate, UCU
Lawrence Welch, City of Durham, Unite
Joe Chaplin, Colchester
Clive Niall, Camberwell and Peckham, Branch PEO, Unite
Neil Wigglesworth, Lewisham West & Penge, UNITE
David Hooke, Islington South & Finsbury
Matthew Lee, UVW
George Aylett, Leeds North West, GMB
Ernest Agbada, Mitcham
Jonny Roberts, Newbury, Political Education Officer and former Parliamentary Candidate (2015), GMB
Clare Connerton, Canterbury , Secretary
Jack Churchill, East Worthing and Shoreham, Branch youth officer
Lizzy Kelly, Stevenage, Social Media, NEU/Unite Community
Luca Cantarello, Leeds North West
Liam Callanan, Eltham
Jack Sherer-Clarke, Cambridge City
Nick Phillips, Liverpool Riverside
Maciej Matuszewski, City of Durham
Akanshya Gurung, Guildford, USDAW
Jim Moody, Isle of Wight, Secretary, Ryde Labour Party Branch, NUJ
Nye Goodwin, Oldham East & Saddleworth , Member , NEU
Gideon Ben-Tovim, Riverside
Jake Wiafe, Southgate
Marlon Pather, Kingston and Surbiton
Sophie Parker Rees, East Devon
Ryan Cox, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
S Mohamed
Daniel Jenkins, Swansea West
Steve Lapsley, Nottingham East, , Unison
Guy Brewer, Wallington & Carshalton, PCS Home Office HQ
Roger Grenville, Warwick and Leamington, Unite
George Brereton
Clare Brown, Broxtowe
Simon Hannah, Tooting, Secretary, UNISON
Pete Firmin, Hampstead & Kilburn, TULO, CWU
Tamiya Johnston , Islington South & Finsbury
Peter Middleton, Southampton Test
Martin Good, Aberconwy, Unite
Simon Hewitt, Shipley, UCU
William Johns, Cardiff North, Unison
John Davidson, Bristol West
Simon Weston, Edinburgh North
Rosa Kucharska, Leeds North East
John Davidson, Bristol West
Nigel Munisamy
Giancarlo Bell, Kelvin, Vice Chair, Unite
Robert Blatchford, Swansea West, NUJ
Jonathan Cooper, Greenwich and Woolwich, Member, Unite, Equity
Eleanor Wilson, Glasgow Kelvin, Ordinary Member on Exec, BMA
James Laister-Smith, Coventry South
David Yule, Kelvin
Tom Bennett, Canterbury, Whitstable and Village
Eleanor Lakew, Kensington, Unite the Union
Catriona Murray, Sheffield Hallam, GMB
Katharine Oakes, Hackney
Jason Cox, Brighton Pavilion
Manoj Dias-Abey, Bristol West, UCU
Michael Neville, Holborn and St Pancras
Duncan Davis, Nottingham South, Unite
Lee BURKWOOD, Leyton and Wanstead , Delegate to GC
David Hoey, Cambridge, Unison
Ann Rosenberg, Chelsea & Fulham
Andy Warren, Lewisham Deptford, PCS
Sharif Abu-Najmeh, Chelsea and Fulham
John Medhurst, Hove, None, GMB
Calum Paramor, Labour International, Branch secretary, Unite
Adam Balmer, Kettering, Chair
Keith Martin, Finchley & Golders Green, GC delegate, Unite Community
Mark Osborn, Lewisham East, NEU
Roland Laycock, CWU
Ryan McGonnagle, Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Michael Razzell, Truro/Falmouth
Lesley Thomas, Wirral
Gillian Reynolds, East Renfrewshire, Women’s Officer
Louis Pike, Sidcup and Old Bexley
Catherine Hurley, Cambridge, UCU
Jacob Lagnado, Brentford & Isleworth, Unite
John Sheard, Wakefield
Leticia Ishibashi, Lewisham, Unite
Julian Pearson, St. Ives
Andy Hollis, Calder Valley, Town Councillor
Miriam Binder, Kemptown & Newhaven, member, Unite
Hunter Christopher, Finchley and Golders Green, Young Fabian International Network Chair
Jack Kershaw, Holborn and St Pancras
Anthony Stapleton, Edmonton
Mila Caley, North Islington, Junction Ward
Cleodie Rickard
Judy Ugonna, WIRRAL West
Liam Trench, Islington North
Henry Mendoza, Tooting, Outreach Organiser, Young Fabians BAME Advocacy Group,
Aurelia McGlynn
Gerard Burke, Milton Keynes South
Jason Cox, Brighton Pavilion
Deirdre Daly, Camberwell and Peckham, UCU
Ruth Webber, Sheffield Hallam, UCU
Marko Dimac, Nottingham South, Unison
Stefano Vozza , Bermondsey & Old Southwark
Amy Allen, North East Hertfordshire , Disability officer and Contact Creator Administrator, Community
John Mason, Uxbridge and South Ruislip , Member, UCU
Matthew Habasque, Clydesdale, Unison
Tom Yates, Hackney South and Shoreditch, British Medical Association
Kate Parker, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP, Vice Chair Kings Park branch, Bectu
Galia Kollectiv, Tower Hamlets, UCU
Laura Dover, Glasgow Southside, Unison
Pil Kollectiv, Tower Hamlets, UCU
Stephen Wagg, Leicester South, UCU
Stephen Watt, Glasgow Maryhill and Springburn, Youth and Student Officer, UNISON
Georgie Harris, Edinburgh Southern , Youth Officer, UNISON
Geoff Taylor, Oxford & District, Co-membership officer, UCU
Scarlet Harris, Manchester Gorton, UCU
Adam Becket, Battersea
David Tarafder, Bravknell
Tim Rouse, Walthamstow, Unite
Robert Lugg, Battersea, TULO & Disability Officer, Unite & GMB
Barney Carroll, Reading East
Abdallah Al-Ammari, Stirling , BAME Officer, Scottish Young Labour
Seema Syeda, Streatham, NUJ
Elaine McKenzie, Poplar & Limehouse
Robert Fisher, Glasgow Kelvin
Jamie Dalton, East Ham, Unison
Luke Howard, Hampstead & Kilburn, Tssa delegate, TSSA
Darren Asante, West Ham
Angie Smith, Sheffield Heeley
David Ball, Finchley and Golders Green, Trade Union Liaison Officer, Unison and NEU
Keith Jackson, Sheffield Heeley, Usdaw
Paul Horn, Lewisham West and Penge, Prospect
Fred Weyman, Chelsea and Fulham
Anita Downs, Lewisham East, Delegate, Unite
Kas Witana, Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP, Political Education Officer, Unison
Katherine Morris, Deansgate Manchester
Harry Moss, Streatham
Keith Ridgway , Camberwell & Peckham
Francisco Garcia
George Gray, Woking, UCU
Chris Jefferies, Bristol West
Jimmy Kelly, Labour International, Connect Ireland, National Executive Officer.
Chris Marks, National Executive Committee, Public and Commercial Services Union
Connor Hodgson-Brunniche, Blyth Valley, Chair of Blyth Valley Young Labour, Unite the Union
Jordan Smith, Oxford East, Leys Labour Party, Youth Officer, Unite Union
Liam Cooper, Camberwell and Peckham, Unison
James Ritchie, Gateshead
Barbara Spiegelhalter, Portsmouth South, NEU
Rahul Mehta, Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, British Medical Association
Norma Murphy, Wapping
Janette Evans, Finchley and Golders Green , GC delegate , Unite Community
Ryan Simmonds, Kingston & Surbiton
Sonia Kane, Darlington, , Unison
Eric Chipulina, West suffolk
Tom Ward, Weaver Vale, Unison
Angela Chitzanidi, Edinburgh Central, Secretary and delegate to Conference 2019, UCU
Duncan Morrison, Lewisham Deptford , GC delegate , NEU
Gary Fowles, West Worcestershire, Conference delegate, NEU
Sylvia Cohen, Finchley and Golders Green
Colin Caine, Gorton, CLP Delegate
Sheila Ravnkilde, Broxtowe, Unite Community Nottingham
Denise conlin, Bournemouth east, Unison
Peter Mitchell, Hornsey and Wood Green, UCU
Jude Sellers, City Of Durham, CLP Youth Officer
Marcie Winstanley, Selly Oak, UCU
Kristian Ravnkilde , Broxtowe , Unite Community
Kameron Spence , Stockton South , LGBT+ Officer
Anna Pichierri, Lewisham, Unison
Carlus Hudson, Edinburgh Central, Member, UCU
Ben Purvis, Broxtowe CLP
Jack Faulkner, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, IWW.
Les Wentland, FABS Bristol
Michael Goodings, Gateshead, Unite
Pam Duncan-Glancy, Glasgow Southside, PPC Glasgow North, Unison
Cam Richards, Brockley, IWGB GWU
Luke O’Hagan, Birkenhead
Liam Cosgrove , Newcastle East, Unite
Damian Heholt, Truro and Falmouth, Unison
Dan Wright, Salisbury
Kadees Mohammed, Hodge Hill CLP, Support, PCS
Peter Johnson
Bob Sutton, Croydon North, Branch Vice Chair – Crystal Palace Upper Norwood, Unite Construction
Ross McKenzie, Edinburgh Central, Unison
Ryan Powell, Dulwich and West Norwood
Stephen Rodger Benson, Edinburgh Central, Unison
Nigel Spencer, Manchester Withington , Unison
Anthony Gard, Lewisham Deptford, National Educational Union
Tom Purdie, Slough, GMB
Tom Gann, Chipping Barnet, Editor, New Socialist
Adam Stanbridge, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr
Vivak Soni, Spelthorne , UCU
Minesh Parekh, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough , Young Labour National Committee, UCU
Edmund Potts, Bury South, PCS
David McKenna, Greenwich & Woolwich Labour Party
Joe Bilsborough, Manchester Gorton, ,
Bethan Sproat, Blyth Valley, Women’s officer, Unite
Sean Hodges, Bromley and Chislehurst CLP, Youth Officer, Unite the Union
Ilija Lekovic, Ealing North
Matthew Wainman, Liverpool Walton CLP
Ryan Coley, Richmond Park, Campaigns Officer, Unite the Union
Dana Mills, Labour West and Abingdon
Jenni Thorburn, Vauxhall CLP, IWW
Simon Jarvis, Bristol West, PEO, GMB
Tom Manning, Garston & Halewood CLP
Sam Foster, Bermondsey & Old Southwark, Unite
Chris Bacon, Edinburgh West
Janaya Walker, Community
Richard Goulding, Withington CLP, UCU
Ben Smith, Leeds NE, Unison
Daniel Hadley, Brighton Kemptown , BMA
Katia Widlak, Guildford, Unite (ACTS)
Daniel Gerke, Swansea West
Katie Farr, Horsham
Matthew Flanagan, Aberconwy
Claudine Conway, Gower, Unite
Dave Richards, Manchester Gorton, Unison
Jennifer Robinson , Hove, GMB
Isaac Ricca
James Harding
Rupert Acton-Thompson, Hackney South and Shoreditch
Daniel Cale, Leeds Central CLP,k GMB
Thom King, Bristol South
Leo Murray, Hammersmith & Fulham
Michael Rogers
Tom Colclough, Hackney South and Shoreditch, GMB
Monica Dowling , Milton Keynes South
Janie Seal, Sefton Central CLP
Oliver Chamberlain, East Surrey
Daniel Knott, North Somerset
Luke Bhatia, Withington, UCU
Carlos Soto, Finchley & Golders Green, CE&WF branch, BAME officer, BECTU
Kelly Smith, Streatham, PCS
Martin Rist, Exeter
Mark Beckett, Suffolk South, USDAW
Owain Paciuszko, High Peak
Natalie Bosworth, Riverside
David Aird, Lewisham Deptford, MU
Roland England, Chipping Barnet
Dan Wearden, Chorley, UCU
Killian O’Sullivan, Islington North, Unite
Andreas Paterson, Norwich South CLP
Matthew Tulloch, Richmond (Yorks)
Jeremy Scott, Milton Keynes, Member, GMB
Olaf Corry, Cambridge, , UCU
Andrew Jeffery, Bridgwater & West Somerset CLP
Daniel Round, Hornsey and Wood Green, Unite
Gavin Addison, Angus South CLP
Lizzy Deacon
Ross Clark, Glasgow Kelvin
Frederick Cowell, Dulwich and West Norwood, NEU
Jason Annadani, Ealing Central and Acton
Peter Scott, Totnes , Unite
Jon Narcross , Hackney South and Shoreditch, Politically Education Officer, Unison
Nathan Hardisty, Beaconsfield
Richard Spenceley, Hounslow
Helen Catherine Walter, Wantage
Thomas Moffat, Coventry North West
Yasmina Bennani, Brentford and Isleworth
Cameron Halse, Calder Valley
Anthony Martin, Westminster North
Timothy Volker, Blackley and Broughton
Tom Carver, Edinburgh Central
James Corning, Cardiff Central
Jack Jeans, Camberwell and Peckham, PCS
Zero Piraeus, Sheffield Central, Unite
Arielle Bennett-Lovell, Stevenage, Membership Officer, UCU
Nicholas Marro, Westminster North CLP, PCS
Helen Edwards , Beverley and Holderness
Russell Carr, Camberwell and Peckham, PCS
Paul Tindall, Brighton Kemptown and Peacehaven, Unite
James Smith, Tatton CLP, UCU
Stevie Turner, Manchester Central
Rosie Newbigging, Bedford, PPC Welwyn Hatfield , Unite
Ek Mcalpine , Salisbury
Dave Abley, West Derby, Unite
Nathan Gayle, Lewisham west and penge, Unite
Alistair Sinclair-Smith, Salford & Eccles
James Scott, Tottenham
David Humphreys, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Prospect
Matthew Symonds, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, UCU
Ron Cohen, Finchley & Golders Green, CWU
Stefan Pace, Battersea
Jack McGinn, West Ham
Sahara Choudhury , CLP Edinburgh Central , Fundraising officer
Martin Pearce, Exeter, Unite
James Sexton, North Wiltshire Campaign Coordinator, Unite & GMB
James Meehan, Central
James A’Herne, Splott , Unison
Edward Roworth, Manchester Withington
Terri-Anne Walpole
Dean Turner, Bristol East
Steven Westlake
Matthew Heaney, Labour International CLP, LI Germany branch, ver.di (Germany), Unite Community
Daniel Marshall, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough
Tom Cutterham, Birmingham Selly Oak
Amardeep Singh Dhillon, Peckham and Camberwell, BFAWU
Philip Keefe, Croydon North CLP, GC delegate, Unite
Wendy Pettifer, South Hackney, Unite
Kim Charnley , Stoke Plymouth
Lucie Glasheen, UCU
Ian Parker, Manchester Withington, Unite
Dave Levy, Lewisham Deptford, GMB
Andrew Adams, Hornchurch and Upminster
Steven Peart, Tynemouth, Unite
William Eichler, Norwich
Isobel Cecil, Manchester Central, PCS
Alison Piet, Camberwell andPeckham, Branch secretary, Unite
Richard Moore, Preseli Pembrokeshire
Fliss Premru, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, TSSA
Laurence Rowe, International
Jennie Musson, New Forest East, Unite
Jannette Storey, Gorton Manchester
William Johns, Cardiff North, Unison
Gareth Forest, Wakefield, GMB
Tom Hollingworth, Ealing, Unison
Alex Isaacs
Pete McAllister, Edmonton, branch delegate
Alan Dixon, Halifax
Fliss Premru, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, TSSA
Laurence Dreyfus, Labour International
Chris Skerrett, Witney, Unite
Sam Roberts, Harrogate & Knaresborough, CLP Secretary
Andrew Read , Islington North,NUT
Mohsin Abbas, Mole Valley CLP
Marc Wadsworth, Unite
Freddie Clayton, Battersea
Andrew Dobson
William Greenwood, Chesham, FDA
Jamie Patterson, Edinburgh Northern & Leith
Benedict Lawrence, Orpington,
William Wardley, Lewisham Deptford ,UCU
Jim Robbins, South Swindon, Councillor, Community
Ross Gilligan , Edinburgh East
Andrew Marsh, Lewisham East
Samantha Lewis, Tooting, , NEU
Benjamin Saunders, West Ham, NUJ
Bruno Bonizzi, Islington North, UCU
Joseph Baxter, Broxtowe, UCU
Ros Hewitt, Lewisham Deptford, PCS
Lukas Kudic, Camden, , NUJ
Pat Markey, Northampton South, Chair, Castle Branch, NEU
Alan Biddle, Dover and Deal, None, Formerly PCS
Hannah Rich, Tooting, Vice-chair of Christians on the Left, GMB
Charlotte Norton, Poplar and Limehouse, LGBT Officer, Open Labour, GMB
Esther Rzewski, Coventry South
Katrina Faccenda, Edinburgh Southern , Policy Officer, TSSA
Jacob Allen, Guildford CLP, Surrey Labour’s students Co-Chair, Conference Delegate, GMB
Dan Grace, Sheffield Central CLP, Unison
Luke Warner
Michael Hetherington, Kingston
Szymon Martys
Lynton North, Torridge & West Devon
Tessa Milligan, , National Committee member of Open Labour, GMB Member
Carol Milner, Coventry North West, PCS
Gwen Wall, Maryhill and Springburn CLP, Social & Fundraising Officer, BFAWU
Benjamin Smith, Isle of Wight CLP, Youth and Student Officer
Josh Burns, North East Hertfordshire
Joe Cooper, NUJ
Ashley Kennerley, Hazel Grove
Shaun Green, Labour International
Paul McGarry, Sheffield Heeley
Greg Shreeve, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, Branch Secretary (Cazenove), Unite
Rob Marsden, Tamworth, Vice Chair (Campaigns), Unison
Erica Burman, Withington, UCU
Lewis Wedgwood, Enfield North, NEU
Toby Atkinson, Westmoreland and Lonsdale, University and College Union
Aisling Gallagher, Lewisham East, Councillor, Lewisham Central, Unite
Leyla Williams
Kieron Cadey, Canterbury, Unite
Simon Percelay, Labour International
Carlos Soto, Finchley & Golders Green, CE&WF branch, BAME officer, BECTU
Benjamin McGowan, Bromley and Chislehurst, GMB
John Butcher , Birmingham Selly Oak
John Percival, Welwyn Hatfield, Unite
Gillian Robinson, Hackney North, Unison
Bryan Bartlett, Central committee Hastings, None, Ex CWU
Marc Lancaster , Bethnal Green & Bow, TULO, UNISON
Catherine Madden, Usdaw
David Price, Wolverhampton SW, Branch Treasurer
Shaun Fry, Cambridge, Unison
Catherine Backhouse, Brighton and Hove, Bectu
David Greaves
Peter Lamswood, Bedford & Kempston CLP, CWU
Emma Runswick, Salford and Eccles, BMA/Unite
Myles Bartoli, Lewisham Deptford, Community
Chris Batchelor, Sheffield Hallam
Hannah Sawtell, Nottingham East
Gareth Davies, Cardiff South and Penarth, GMB
Neil Nerva, Hampstead and Kilburn , Brent Cllr – Queens Park, GMB
Claire Read, Norwich South, UCU
Jack Madigan, Bristol West, PCS
Charlie Porter, Sheffield Central, Unite
Malcolm Hunter, Leicester South, UNISON
Janine Booth, Hackney South and Shoreditch, Trade Union Liaison Officer, RMT
Bunny La Roche, Unite
Dan Warrington, Aldershot, NEU
Roger Welch, Portsmouth, UCU
John Welsh
Frances Thorley, Rochford and Southend East
Andy Lockhart, Heeley, Unite
James Bowen, Leyton and Wanstead, Unite
Jack Crouch
Jacqueline Nangreave , Leicester West, Unite Community
Tommy Martin, Edinburgh East, Unite
Yann Best, Nottingham South, Unison
Callum Jessamine, Carlisle
Cllr James McAsh, Camberwell and Peckham, Councillor, NEU
Ben Duncan-Duggal, Poplar and Limehouse
Michael Marshall, Walthamstow, LSWU
Louis Goddard, Lewisham Deptford, Unite
Tim Hampton , Newcastle under Lyme
Ian Day, Walthamstow, Unite Community
Durand D’souza, Islington
Adam Blanden, Lewisham West & Penge, None, Unite
Lucia Whittaker, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, PCS
Carlo Keshishian, Vauxhall, Unite
Paul Stygal, Rochford & Southend East, Milton Branch Secretary, CWU
Dan Jones, Sefton Central
Barbara Veale , Lewisham Deptford , GC delegate
Jo Crockett, East Worthing and Shoreham
Patricia Johnston, Edinburgh North & Leith, Youth officer , GMB Scotland
Natalie Sedacca, Islington South & Finsbury, UCU
Marnanel Thurman, Salford and Eccles, Unite, IWW
Daniel Brown, Workington, Member
Eoin Burgin, Edinburgh Southern, Press and Communications Officer, Scottish Labour Students, GMB
Daniel Willis , Mitcham & Morden, Unite
Steven Wilkinson, SE Cornwall, Media
Daniel Frost, Croydon Central, Policy Officer, UCU
Nitin Mehta
James Fernando
Kieran McGrath, Holborn and St Pancras
Luisa Attfield, Finchley and Golders Green , Campaigns Officer-London Young Labour
Lewis Whyte, Inverness and Nairn , Youth and student officer, Unison
Abu Khan, Croydon Central, New Members Engagement Officer
Didier Alexandre, Aberdeen CLP
Barrie Rogerson, Liverpool Wavertree, Unite Community
Mark Findlay, Brighton Pavilion, Unite the Union
Cllr Peter Taheri, Hampstead and Kilburn, Councillor, Unison
Tim Flatman, Folkestone & Hythe,
Alasdair Vickers, Dumfries and Galloway, UNISON
Richard Riddick, International
Elaine Tiffin, Brighton Kemp Town, Unite
Phil Millar, Liverpool Riverside, PCS
John Appleyard, Brighton Kemptown
Gareth Spencer, Lewisham & Depford, PCS
Dan Kedem
Conran Tickle, Eddisbury, LGBT+ officer
George Higgins, Edinburgh central, Unite
Geoff Taylor, Oxford & District, Co-membership Officer, UCU
Suzanne Hall, West Norwood London, UCU
Jack Franco, Kensington , DiEM25 UK National Collective,
Mike Davis, Poplar and limehouse, Chair, NEU
Morgan Russell, Isle of Wight
Tom Laing, Wallasey CLP, Unite
Eamonn Custance, West Dorset, political education officer, unite
Rune Holm, Cambridge, Unite
Eleanor Strickson, Wavertree
Jenny Harris, Cambridge, UCU
Paul Crofts, Wellingborough, UCU
Nathan Roberts , Wokingham
David Cleary , Lewisham East
Jessica Ete, Bethnal Green and Bow, Prospect
Joseph Haslam, Morecambe & Lunesdale, Co-Youth Officer, National Union of Students
Connell Owen, North East Bedfordshire, Treasurer, Unite
Gareth Bentley, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
Owen Lloyd-Jones, North Somerset, Policy and Political Education Officer, Unison
Ben Scott, Manchester central
Callum Tarplee , Airdrie and Shotts
Matthew Bragg, Calder Valley, Unison
Dirk Demuth, Newcastle upon Tyne North
Aled Jealous, Cardiff Central
Bryn Felton-pitt, Gateshead, Game Workers Unite UK
Fliss Premru, Hackney North and Stoke Newington, TSSA
Edward Nickell, Poplar and Limehouse, Unison
Ben van der Merwe, Oxford East, NUJ
Jacqueline Conway, Brent Central, British Medical Association
Elinor Taylor , Poplar & Limehouse, UCU
Borys Biedron, Aberdeen Central
Joanne Simpson, Hull
Zainab Mohammed, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, GMB
Niko C, Manchester Withington, Unison
Mark Jones, Aldershot, Member of Branch Executive Committee, Unite the Union
Alex Elmore, Brigg and Goole
Dylan Whyte, Inverness and Nairn, Unison
Rachael Morris, Warrington South
Laura Collier, Gorton, RCN
Chris Esson , Bristol West
Pete Campbell, Newcastle East, Unite
Eulalee Pennant, Hackney
Susan Bach
Ulrike Wahl, Hackney South, Unite
Kieron Casey, Bradford East
Jim Phillips, Ealing Central and Acton, Unison
Selena Worwood, Newton Abbot, Unite
Brian Madden, Withington
Natacha Kennedy, Eltham, UCU
Joäsh Taylor, Forest of Dean CLP
Rachel Shimbles, Keighley, Unison
Stephen Rooney, Leicester South, UCU
James Appleton, Labour International (Ireland), Unite
Tim Cooper , Nottingham East CLP, Branch delegate, GMB
Monica Burke, Bedford, Unison
James Aitchison, Leicester South
Matthew Tyerman, North Durham
Ian Henderson, Kingston and Surbiton
Andrew Hooley, Leeds North West
Michael Gribben, North Hackney, PCS
Jon Morley, Rogerstone, PCS
stephen warren, DAWN, SHA delegate
Tuth Foresrd, Thanet Routh, Unite
Daniel Johns, Streatham
Beth Cumming, Edinburgh Central
William Phillips, Birkhead, Wirral Young Labour
Grant Ninnes, Bethnal Green and Bow
Tom Allen
Dermot Bryers, Morden and Mitcham, None, UCU
Maria Scott, North Somerset, UCU
Gabriel Mallows, Holborn & St Pancras, Unite
Alex Charlton, South West Hertfordshire, Secretary, Unite
James Cooray Smith, Haringey
Jane Beaumont , Sheffield Central, Unison
Catherine Leech, GMB
Jane Beaumont, Central, Unison
Dani Anderson, GMB
Gwyneth Lonergan, Huddersfield, UCU
Hannah Wright, East Ham
Molly Smith, Secretary of the GMB G206 – sex worker branch
Sarah-Jane McDonough, Stevenage, Councillor, TSSA
Christina James, Stevenage
Kate Thomas, Truro & Falmouth, Unite
Robert Smith, Leeds North East, BECTU
Md Oliur Rahman, Islington South and Finsbury, BAME Officer Cally Ward, Unite Union
Patricia Holgate, Broughton
Fiona Mcphail
Simon Heywood, North East Derbyshire, UCU
Helena Reynolds, Sheffield Central
Jonathan Marsh, Dover and Deal
Annette Pilbeam, South Thanet, CWU
Richard Hill, Colchester, VC Membership,
Hilary Williams, Liverpool Wavertree, Vice Chair Membership, Unite
Michaela Fyson, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Environment Committee Chair and Branch Chair
Andrew Reeves, Ealing, PCS
Andrea Pisauro, Oxford West & Abingdon
Joshua French, St Helens North, UNISON
Vanessa Mitchell , South West Herts
Debra Jackson, NW Leicestershire
Robert Bates, Hackney North & Stoke Newington
Steve Mannion, Dulwich & West Norwood,
David Mitchell, Southend West
Gordon Miller, Pentlands, Vice Chair
Georgina Wordsworth , Headingley
Nicholas Davies, Hastings & Rye CLP, Conference Delegate 2019, Unison
Sinead Halsey, Waltham Forest, Unite
Katy Jago, Cardiff West
Peter Hill, Oxford West & Abingdon, UCU
Maddy Kirkman, Edinburgh Central, Scottish Parliamentary Candidate, Unison
Margaret Leyton, Formerly Copeland, Formerly NUT
Alec Mezzetti, Hackney South & Shoreditch, Unite
Duncan Thomas, Cathall
Mike Harwood, Wivenhoe, UCU
David Cullen, Stevenage, Councillor, Retired
Nicoline Kure, Aberdeen Central, Unite the Union
Ian Watson , Edinburgh Pentlands, TULO, Unite
Christopher Walker-Lyne, York Central, UNISON (retired)
Anthony Breach, Lewisham Deptford, Community
Peter Green, Hackney North, Delegate to GM, UCU (retired)
Justin Davis, Hackney North & Stoke Newington, GMB
Jack Rogers, Withington, UCU
Elliot McVeigh, Dulwich and West Norwood, GMB
Peter Cann, Oxford East, Unison (retired)
Piyush Pushkar, Withington
Georgiana Murariu, Hackney South, Unite
Alex Smallwood, St. Helens South and Whiston CLP
John Hawthorne , Oxfordshire
Jeffrey Hurford
John Foster, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Unite
Michal Bilewicz, Bermondsey and Old Southwark
Julie Templeton, Carlisle, Unite the Union
Luke Martell
Harry James, Corby CLP, Youth Officer
Paul Hilton, Knowle
Pete Devonport , Brighton Pavilion
Stefan Lacny, Oxford West and Abingdon
Hamish Reid, Gorton
Kev Towner, Hastings & Rye, Disability Officer
Helen Mitchell, Southend
Samir Dathi, Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner
Amy Stevenson
Christine Platford, Lewes, Women’s Officer (Branch), Unite (Community)
Gareth Brading, Wantage CLP, Unite
Jonathan Kent, Filton & Bradley Stoke
Bevan Richardson, Bristol East
Michael Millar, Nottingham South, Open Labour Campaigns Officer ,
George Cammack, Exeter, Exeter Youth Delegate 2019, Unite
Pablo Bradbury, Ealing Central and Acton
Jamie Macbeth, Erewash
David wood, Stevenage, Chair, UCU
Jo Wilkinson, Hexham
Laura Hill, Tottenham
Tristan Selvage, South West Surrey
Dan Toinko, Mid Bedfordshire
Rebekah Ball, Holborn and St Pancras, Unite the community
Dale Rapley
Mohamed Musse, Hendon
Bethany Edwards, Spelthorne Labour Party, Communications Officer
Afzalur Rahman, East Ham, Unite
James Jacobs , Broxtowe
Thomas Bale, Bristol West
Richard Dytch, Newark
Matt Easton, Shrewsbury and Atcham, PCS
Melissa Cowell , Nottingham East, Branch Chair
Richard Goffin-Lecar , South Thanet, Musicians’ Union
Claire Ryan, North Somerset, Communications and Social Media Officer
Kieran Miles, Tooting
Glyn Jones, Milton Keynes
Paul Forey, Coventry North West, Whoberley Branch Labour Party Secretary, Unite
Mike Rowley, Oxford East CLP, Cllr, Unite
Mary Sullivan, Canterbury, Whitstable and the Villages, Unite the Community, Retired Unison
John Gardner, Stevenage CLP, Stevenage South Branch Chairpst, Past ASTMS
Stephen McNair, Broadland
Samuel Matuszewski, Guildford, UCU
Lakhvinder Singh, South Derbyshire, Councillor, Unite
Owen Wright, Dundee, Unite
Amanda Huggenkiss, Poplar & Limehouse CLP, Unison
Mark Cookson, Blaydon, Unison
Nikki Farrar-Hayton , Kettering , Branch Secretary,
Karen Johnson, Bermondsey and Old Southwark, PCS
Joe Baxter , Edinburgh Pentlands
Rosie Clarke, Yeovil
Thomas Henthorn, Sheffield Heeley, GMB
Sue Mew, Walthamstow, UCU
Hugo Parsons, Salisbury
Stan Crooke, Glasgow Shettleston CLP, CLP Trade Union Liaison Officer, Unite
Tarin Brokenshire , Cambridge
Mark Rowley, Leyton and Wanstead
Katie Spencer, Lewisham and Deptford, RCN
Leigh Derbyshire , Canterbury
Neil Darby, Greenwich and Woolwich, NUJ
Richard Chessum, Sheffield Hallam
Nigel Rooke, Wallasey, Unite
Patrick Wood, Richmond Park
Max Simpson, Moseley, Birmingham,
Amanda Lillywhite, Dulwich and West Norwood
Kate Adams, Canterbury, Unite
Joseph Razavi, Gorton, UCU
Richard Atkins, Maidstone and the Weald, GMB
Jo Hiley, Sheffield Central
Michael Chilton, Sheffield Central
Sarah Johnson, Sheffield Central CLP
Trisha Morgan, Sheffield Central CLP
Annette Whiteley, Sheffield Central CLP
Craig Judson, Sheffield Central CLP
Rizwowa Lala, Sheffield Central CLP
Ian MacDonald, Edinburgh South, Unison
Samantha Nicholson, Sheffield Central CLP
Steffan Blauner, Sheffield Central CLP
Maureen O’Leary, Sheffield Central CLP
Maryam Khan, Sheffield Central CLP
Alexander Jenkinson, Sheffield Central CLP
Tim Longson, Sheffield Central CLP
Martin John, Sheffield Central CLP
Sarah Stanland, Sheffield Central CLP
John Morgan, Sheffield Central CLP
Rob Gawthbop, Sheffield Central CLP
Christian Townsend, Sheffield Central CLP
Donach Malachy, Wells
Jonathan Benson, Sheffield Central CLP
Isobel MacDowel, Sheffield Central CLP
Demaine Boocock, Sheffield Central CLP
Stuart McMillan, Sheffield Central CLP
Rahim Reilly, Sheffield Central CLP
Liz Lynch-Smith, Sheffield Central CLP
Rosie Duncan, Sheffield Central CLP
Patricia Whittome, Nottingham South, Unison
Josh Davies, Sheffield Central CLP
Nighal Bushavat, Sheffield Central CLP
Jude Haslam, Sheffield Central CLP
Steve Longworth, Sheffield Central CLP
Glyn Hobson, Sheffield Central CLP
Steve Chapman, Sheffield Central CLP
Angela Martin, Sheffield Central CLP
Alex Lumsen, Sheffield Central CLP
David Rea, Sheffield Central CLP
Tim Packer, City of Durham CLP, UCU / Musicians’ Union
Richard Hull, Somerton & Frome, UCU
Michael O’Connell, Sheffield Central CLP
Veronica Hardstoff, Sheffield Central CLP
Stuart Williams, Denton and Reddish, Member, retired was GMB


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