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Remoaner NONSENSE!’ Amber Rudd dismisses claims of ‘post-Brexit immigration ROW

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AMBER Rudd has said the UK is “not overwhelmed by Brexit” following shocking accusations from Remoaners that Theresa May’s cabinet is in disarray over immigration after the UK leaves the European Union, it has emerged.


A source claimed Mrs May had been persuaded by Remoaners to lower the barriers to entry for EU citizens to immigrate to the UK after Brexit.

Members of the Prime Minister’s cabinet were alleged to have convinced the PM to make such a decision to see “what the UK can unlock” in negotiations with Brussels.

Speaking to Business Insider, the source added: “There was a huge argument about whether immigration in a broader sense — in particular around preferential migration regime for EU citizens — would be up for grabs in talks.

“It won’t surprise you to learn that certain parts of the Cabinet said absolutely not.”

But a spokesperson for the Home Office rubbished the claims as “nonsense” and insisted it is prepared for the day Britain shakes off the clutches of Brussels.

They said: “It’s nonsense to suggest that the Home Office, a department with 30,000 members of staff, is incapable of doing more than one thing at once and is overwhelmed by Brexit.

“Work to develop a new digital application system for resident EU citizens and the rules that underpin it is well underway.

“We will be setting out further details before the summer and it will launch at the end of the year.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/946537/Brexit-news-Amber-Rudd-declare-Home-Office-not-overwhelmed-by-Brexit-immigration

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