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Refugees to hand in petitions against ‘cruel, unworkable and unlawful’ borders Bill

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REFUGEES will deliver petitions to Downing Street tomorrow urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ditch his party’s “cruel, unworkable and unlawful” Nationality and Borders Bill.

The four petitions, created by Freedom from Torture, Refugee Action, Refugee Council and One Strong Voice, have been signed by more than 100,000 people.

Asylum-seeker Mary Njoroge, who will be among those handing in the petitions, described the Bill as an attack on refugees and warned that it fails to address the problems they face in Britain, including poverty, racism and mental health issues.

“We want the government to throw away this Bill and try again, as many of the new proposals in it are callous,” she said.

“We want a system that is kinder and more compassionate, and one that helps us integrate into our new communities in the UK.”

The proposed legislation, which critics have dubbed the “anti-refugee Bill,” seeks to criminalise asylum-seekers for entering Britain without permission, and opens the door for offshore processing centres and push-back operations against small boats in the Channel.

Politicians, lawyers, human rights groups and campaigners have roundly condemned the plans, which the UN’s refugee agency said would break international law.

“I stand against this anti-refugee Bill which will punish many other men, women and children like me, people who come to the UK in need of safety,” said the Refugee Council’s Ezechias Ngendahayo.

The petitions call on MPs to throw out the Bill, which is progressing through its committee and report stages and could return for its third reading in Parliament later this month.

Source: https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/b/hand-petitions-against-borders-bill

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