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Raw Politics: Gibraltar, post-Brexit immigration, whistleblower protection

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Author: Euronews

Gibraltar question threatens Brexit draft deal

Spain is threatening to reject the draft Brexit deal over the territory of Gibraltar while EU leaders meet in Brussels to sign off on the future relationship between the EU and UK. Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has said that Madrid should get a special veto on any future trade agreement between the EU and the UK, adding that the current agreement doesn’t cover Gibraltar.

Brexit disagreements continue

UK Prime Minister Theresa May faced criticism over her proposed post-Brexit immigration policy. “Immigration will continue to make a positive contribution to our national life, but the difference will be this, once we have left the EU we will be fully in control of who comes here,” she said at a CBI conference in London.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Unionist Party abstained on a number of amendments to the finance bill.

EU moves closer to whistleblower protection law

The EU has inched closer to a law that would protect whistleblowers. The Legal Affairs Committee approved an EU wide protection plan for those who report fraud, criminal activity and other illegal activities.

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