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Question Time audience member sparks race row for defending UK as ‘least racist society’

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The row began when BBC Question Time guest George The Poet claimed the debate around post- immigration in Britain was driven by “British xenophobia”.

The artist was corrected by a member of the audience who disagreed with him and claimed the UK was the “least racist society across Europe”.

To which George The Poet replied: “Oh, phew! Thank you so much. So I didn’t get stopped by police outside of my mum’s house earlier this year.

That didn’t happen to me. Thank you. I should have just explained that to the police officers who stopped me.”

At this point, a woman in the audience hit back at the young man claiming he did not agree with the artist’s point of view simply because – being a white man – he was not experiencing racism in his own country.

She said: “It’s funny that you’re a white man saying that. It’s actually hilarious.

“You’re a white man saying that there is no racism in this country.

How are you going to experience it? You’re a white man.

“You’re saying that British people are the least racist.

“You’re not the one walking down the street being screened at. That’s not happening to you.

“You’re not a young black man walking across the street being stopped by the police.

“Don’t tell me to calm down. I don’t need to calm down. You’re not experiencing this and that’s why you don’t agree with it.”

It comes as Theresa May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid pledged far fewer low-skilled workers will be allowed in from Europe after Brexit.

Setting out her global vision for immigration, the Prime Minister said that a skills-based system will be introduced which would not automatically favour migrants from EU countries.

Mr Javid also vowed to end EU free movement completely and warned all migrants would be expected to fully integrate with British society and British values.

He said: “If you want to come to our country and contribute, great – but in exchange, we expect you to live by our British values and respect our values.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1027305/BBC-Question-Time-race-row-video-brexit-news-immigration-Theresa-May-speech

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