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Deeper Routes is an artistic intervention, a celebration and a space for co-existence of multi-national queers and their allies who resist today’s ‘hostile’ political environment. The festival dives head-first into nuances of belonging and presence and will see artists, activists and DJs coming together for the first time to explore all of these concepts together.Conceptualised by performance maker Xavier de Sousa and curator Giulia CasaliniDeeper Routes is a new festival expanding on the previous curatorial intentions of the Queer Migrant Takeover party events.

Enfolding to a full day of activities, Deeper Routes is a perfect opportunity for queers and migrants to explore nuances that are very little reflected upon in mainstream cultures, such as the historical queer migrations into London, the differences in experience from different generations of queer migrants and the contemporary challenges of being a citizen of a country that keeps pushing back against you.


Join us at 5pm with an exclusive and powerful performance collaboration between activists Lesbians & Gays Support The Migrants and SPIT – Sodomites, Perverts, Inverts Together! on the main street of Shoreditch High Street, just opposite Rich Mix. The performance is a direct reclamation of a space (East London) that has been stripped of its historical queer aesthetics and culture in favour of mass gentrification in the area. We are going to make people stop and listen. And take back our spaces!

Then come inside our foreign den at Rich Mix (we are taking over the top floors) and experience new performances by the Istanbul Queer Arts Collective (Turkey) and a video exhibition by Katarzyna Perlak (Poland), Jonas Hong Soo Eriksson ft Nadia Tehran (Sweden/Iran), They Are Here (UK) and Ishimwa Muhimanyi (Rwanda), all featuring various collaborations with migrants and refugees.

In the main space, curator Joon Lyn Goh (In Between Time Festival) will lead the discussion Migration, Sexuality and Refuge in the UK – An Intergenerational Dialogue. This will be an open forum with some very special guests including Shahmir Sanni (the ‘Brexit whistle-blower’), Lesbians and Gays Support The Migrants, poet and DJ Carlos Maurizio Rojas (UK/Colombia), as well as individuals seeking refuge Thiru Seelan (Sri Lankan dance therapist) and Veecca Smith Uka from the African Rainbow Family.

From 8pm, enjoy a special dinner offered by us in the smaller room, cooked specifically for everyone with a ‘full day’ ticket. After dinner, SPIT kicks off the evening with a ravishing performance of their FAGGOT Manifesto, followed by DJ sets by some of the best and of-the-moment music spinners in the UK: DJ Neiva (latinx music, played Latitude Festival 2018) and the all-conquering Pxssy Palace (Afropunk, Hip-Hop, R&B) who have been travelling to festivals in the US and all over the UK, providing a safe space for queers of colour to be themselves – with no fear and only a celebratory mood!

The party goes on till the early hours and will include performances by some of the best local migrant acts including Thierry Alexandre (France/UK), Whiskey Chow (China), Lucia Pazzini (Italy), Sebastian H-W (UK/Mexico), CHIYO (Portugal)Izdehar Afyouni (Palestine/Georgia) and compered by the KOC (Kings of Colour) sensation Zayn Phallic!

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