She said a new system would bring in the “brightest and best… brilliant scientists, the finest academics and leading people in their field.” Patel is the daughter of newsagents owners; fellow Conservative Sajid Javid is the son of a bus driver; people who would have never been allowed into Britain under Patel’s agenda. Patel’s entire speech degraded generations of people on whose backs this country has been built on, positioning them as burdensome to this blazing refurbished British Empire Tory government, hell bent on their shambolic Brexit agenda. She aligned the importance of her role to that of the PMs, positioning herself as a servant to the people, as if she didn’t just alienate entire swathes of communities of immigrants contributing to the UK. From academics to NHS staff, doctors to bus drivers and corner shop owners working in the UK – people invisible in those moments, their contributions made moot.

Patel proudly states she is the “daughter of immigrants, (she) needs no lectures from the north London, metropolitan liberal elite”. There is a deep-rooted hypocrisy in how she has disassociated herself from her entire identity, as she seeks acceptance from a racist and islamophobic, elitist party filled with self-serving Etonians who will never consider her an equal, despite her misaligned loyalty to party before country. Patel, like so many, will never be allowed a seat at the table, though she remains happy to adopt all the policies that hurt people like her. Prime minister Boris Johnson, a man that she adores, has acted unlawfully, lied, cheated, and screwed so many people over in recent weeks – but unlike this country’s immigrants, the Tories need not be  afraid of the law, of the police and their tasers, or the generation-ruining policies Patel has in store.