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Post Brexit Immigration Proposals Likely To Worsen Labor Shortages: Survey

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Author- RTTNews Staff Writer

More than half of UK businesses said the post-Brexit immigration proposals would adversely affect them, according to new research from the British Chambers of Commerce and the global job site Indeed.

The report, released Tuesday, showed that out of 380 businesses that employ non-UK nationals, 53 percent said they would be negatively impacted by proposals requiring all skilled migrant workers to earn a minimum annual salary of GBP 30,000 after Brexit.

Further, 57 percent reported that they would be hurt by plans to impose a 12-month work and residency limit on lower skilled migrants.

Over one-third of firms would be affected by an extension of the Immigration Skills Charge to EU nationals, the report said. The charge increases the upfront costs of employment as it is paid by businesses for each migrant worker they recruit from outside the EU.

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Also, businesses underscored the need for access to foreign language skills. The business group called for proposals that ensure access to skills at every level, when firms are unable to recruit locally.

The end of free movement of labor poses challenges for employers. The lobby urged the new Prime Minister to take a fresh look at the immigration restrictions and charges to ensure firms can access the workers they need without undue bureaucracy and costs.

“The survey results reflect the extent of business concerns about future restrictions, charges and thresholds, as these will exacerbate recruitment costs and barriers,” Jane Gratton, head of people policy at the BCC, said.


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