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Play it like it’s 2016: Tories descend into anti-immigrant lies

by admin

Author- Tanja Bueltmann

A government minister has lied about EU citizens every single day for the last week. Maybe this is the kind of thing you should expect from a prime minister who’ll lie to the Queen. If he’s prepared to do it at that level, he’ll not hesitate to do it against people who are marginalised and ignored. But either way, it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here. The nasty party is back.

Michael Gove described the continuation of freedom of movement as “extreme” and something that would mean “Britons are less safe”. Priti Patel was hot on his heels with her comments about a new immigration system. Later in the week, Matt Hancock, implied that EU citizens are not UK taxpayers and that we do not contribute a fair share to the funding of the NHS. Brandon Lewis argued that continuing freedom of movement would bring thousands of European criminals to the UK.

All of this as false as Boris Johnsons’ own comments about immigrant numbers. It’s easily debunked with the government’s own Migration Advisory Committee evidence. But facts aren’t wanted anymore. It’s in ministers’ interests to imply that we are a burden or that we somehow harm the UK.


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