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Our Plan for Immigration and Asylum

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Author-Liberal Democrats

People are detained indefinitely, in inhumane conditions. Refugees are left waiting for years on the outcome of their applications and are unable to work or make a living. Families are separated by unfair, complex visa requirements.

The Conservatives have been using dog-whistling language about immigrants for years – making them scapegoats for much bigger societal problems.

And now we see the consequences of that in the hostile immigration policies pursued by this government.

Policies that turn teachers, doctors, and police officers into border guards. Policies that meant members of the Windrush Generation were deprived of their rights, detained, and even deported.

The Liberal Democrats will always fight to build an open, inclusive and welcoming nation.

And now, both Labour and the Conservatives want to make all this even worse by taking us out of the EU and ending free movement.

The Liberal Democrats will always fight to build an open, inclusive and welcoming nation, with a fair immigration policy.

Here’s how we will fix the immigration system.

  1. scrap the Conservatives’ Hostile Environment policy.
  2. The Home Office is no longer fit for purpose. So we will remove its immigration powers. And we will ensure that visa and asylum decisions are made quickly and fairly.
  3. We will end the travesty of indefinite detention. And we will allow asylum seekers to work while their cases are decided.
  4. And we will stop Brexit and save free movement.

We will welcome those who choose to come to the UK. We will respect and appreciate the skills and contributions that they bring. We will protect family unity, we will respect the rule of law, and we will ensure fairness for taxpayers

Source- https://www.libdems.org.uk/immigration-2019

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