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How a penniless asylum seeker built a life in the UK

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A man who arrived in the country with no money or English has spoken about his business success.

Dino Doyd told Gloucestershire Live about his arrival in the UK little over a decade ago in 2006, and his journey to running a popular barber shop in Gloucester.

Originally from Kurdistan, Dino sought asylum here in 2006 along with four of his friends who were all placed in Gloucester.

When he first arrived the government helped fund his living arrangements and provided educational support.

Dino said:”When I came here, I did not have anything and I could not speak a word of English. I could not even say ‘Hello!’”

He attended a local college, where he met his future wife, while working at a car wash.

After a little while he bought his own car wash, but he had always dreamed of owning his own barber shop.

Dino had trained as a hairdresser while living in Kurdistan, and had held on to that ambition while cleaning cars.

Now, several years later, Dino has been running the popular ‘Boys to Men’ in Gloucester, and lives with his wife and two children.

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