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PEI in Canada to hold its final draw for 2019 this week

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Author- Y AXIS

Prince Edward Island in Canada will hold its final draw for 2019 this week. The draw seeks to invite skilled workers and entrepreneur applicants through the Express Entry, Labour Impact and Business Impact sub-categories.

Prince Edward Island launched its Expression of Interest system in early 2018. The province has conducted monthly draws ever since.

2019 has seen 11 draws so far inviting 1,516 applicants. 1,329 applicants have been invited through the Labour Impact and Express Entry categories. 182 applicants have received invitations through the Business Impact stream.

Here is a look at all the PEI PNP draws held in 2019:

Date Category Invites Issued Minimum Score
21-11-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 157 N/A
Business Impact 14 130
17-10-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 146 N/A
Business Impact 12 122
23-09-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 109 N/A
Business Impact 13 115
15-08-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 133 N/A
Business Impact 10 112
18-07-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 118 N/A
Business Impact 17 112
20-06-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 106 N/A
Business Impact 7 112
16-05-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 90 N/A
Business Impact 14 107
18-04-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 113 N/A
Business Impact 17 107
21-03-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 131 N/A
Business Impact 19 110
21-02-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 170 N/A
Business Impact 29 117
17-01-2019 Labour Impact/Express Entry 61 N/A
Business Impact 30   120

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