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The nonprofit project addresses the migration crisis

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Author: Marc Quinn

British artist and sculptor Marc Quinn will use blood of 5,000 people for his project Odyssey he plans to display outside the New York Public Library in September 2019. Addressing the global refugee crisis, the project aims to raise $30 million for refugee-supporting organisations, according to Buro247.

The installation consists of two cubes, each containing one tonne of frozen blood – one tonne from refuges and the other from artists, including Kate Moss, Jude Law and Paul McCartney. The cubes will be placed inside a transparent pavilion designed by Norman Foster.

The public and even the artist will not know which cube is which: “The fundamental point of the sculpture is that under the skin, we’re all the same. You will see two sculptures made from blood but you won’t know who they’re from,” Quinn explains.

Starting from January 2019, the artist will draw blood from 5,000 people in mini-laboratories in several cities. Donors of all ages will decide how much blood they want to give. They can also record a short video message. Quinn calls Odyssey the world’s “first migrating artwork” and plans to show it in London, across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Donations will go to the charity Human Love, the International Rescue Committee headed by the UK’s former foreign secretary David Miliband and smaller charities.

Source: https://moc.media/en/2482

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