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Nigel Farage implies immigration to blame for knife crime and drug incidents

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Author-Kate Plummer

Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, has implied that knife and drug crime has increased due to rising immigration.

Writing in the Watford Observer, ahead of a party rally, Farage claimed that Watford’s population has increased rapidly, causing strains on services and therefore a spike in knife and drug crime. He said:

“Watford, like many towns across the South East and the Home Counties, has seen unmanaged and exponential increases in population in a few short years. Huge blocks of flats have mushroomed in every nook and cranny in a desperate attempt to house an ever-expanding population.”

He added:

“The infrastructure is under tremendous pressure. There’s been a recent jump in knife crime and drug-related incidents that local residents can attest was virtually unheard of even in Watford’s recent past.”

Unsurprisingly, he provided no hard evidence to support these claims.

This comes after Farage’s anti-immigrant rhetoric returned this week, when he posted a video on YouTube, calling Labour’s new immigration policy “appalling and revolting”. Responding to Labour’s plans to relax immigration laws, Farage claimed the policy would lead to the near-disintegration of Britain’s culture.

Now, he has shown that these statements were not a one-off, and has continued to bash immigration as an electoral ploy. In his Watford Observer article, Farage added:

“We are witnessing the rapid transformation of our old towns without the permission of the inhabitants and the politicians Parliament are doing nothing to prevent it”.

In response the anti-racism campaign group HOPE not hate said: “Nigel Farage is still up to the same old tricks – looking for people to scapegoat for complicated social problems. He’s careful not to point the finger directly but it’s no accident that he goes straight from talking about crime to immigration – inviting readers to read between the lines without having to provide any logic or evidence for his outlandish claims.

“Farage’s sneaky politics rests on these sleights of hand to create suspicion and mistrust which he can then exploit, so it’s vital that we all stand up against him and his Brexit Party and ensure they’re decisively rejected at the ballot box.”

Nigel Farage left UKIP because of its nasty image. It seems that he is now dragging that image with him, to the Brexit Party.


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