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Newsnight host makes brilliant point to SLAP DOWN left-wing campaigner over UK immigration

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Kirsty Wark said: “You accept that immigration is an issue for many people in this country.

“Many people voted for Brexit for a reduction in immigration, which is what Brexit was partly triggered by, so if the left is going to look at the number of people who voted for you who were concerned about immigration, what is the left’s position going to be because it just can’t say we back an open door policy, as that’s not what the people of Britain want.”

Faiza Shaheen, the Director at Centre for Labour and Social studies said: “On the left, I don’t think we have had leadership on this for a long time.

“I think it’s amazing this week to have seen Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott and others stand up and see what they have said over the years.

“Going forward we need to change people’s minds, they have been told for decades that immigration is a bad thing so we need to be telling them about empire, about why people like me are here.

“We need to be talking about not just the economy but also in terms of family, in terms of human rights in terms of how we treat fellow human beings.”

Ms Wark then slapped down the Labour supporter, saying: “Yes but if immigration rises exponentially in the future and there are problems, then a lot of people are going to come back to you and say actually, we have been let down.”

Ms Shaheen then desperately scrambled to get her answer together, adding: “You know it’s quite something you say, come back to me.

“I was there at the Commonwealth People’s Forum this week.

“Boris and others were going around trying to say to the world, we’re open, we want to make trade deals with you.

“We have set up this country not to be able to deal with an open world Brexit because we have told people that immigration is wholly a bad thing and now when we make these trade deals and countries like India and others say you have to give our people preference, then we have set ourselves up for more trouble.”

This comes after Brexit champion Nigel Farage slammed Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for allegedly giving in to political correctness and “betraying” the Brexit promise to take back control of borders.

The pro-Brexit politician suggested political correctness was keeping the Government from delivering a stricter immigration policy despite the Tory manifesto pledge to lower arrivals to a “sustainable” level.

Speaking to caller Kevin during his daily LBC radio show, Nigel Farage said: “Brexit was a firm instruction to say ‘we need just not to get back control’ but to exercise that control.”

“I just think there are many millions of people who engaged with the democratic process wanting something to change and they are just not getting it.

“This is the problem, genuinely, Gove and Johnson are not fighting for people like you – they have a chance to do it from within the Government.

“They are not doing it for fear of being called horrid. I think there are millions of people out there who voted Brexit and immigration was absolutely at the top of their concerns.

“The average Brit knows that getting a GP appointment is tougher than it was, the average Brit knows getting their kids into a local primary school is tougher than it was.

“I feel that with this government and Gove and Johnson and May and all of them, we’ve got a very politically correct group of people in charge they want to be thought of as being nice.

“They want to be thought of as people who get all the right kind of party invitations and as a result of it the key issue that people voted for in Brexit is willfully and deliberately being ignored.”


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