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New family member residency sponsorship for UAE residents

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Expats and foreign residents living in the UAE can sponsor their family members’ residence process from now if they have sufficient income.

According to the statement of the UAE cabinet, “The decision aims at enhancing family stability of foreign workers and social cohesion, as well as attracting highly skilled workers while maintaining a healthy balance between professional and personal life“.

Now employed residents in the United Arab Emirates can bring their family members

  • if they have a monthly salary of at least Dh 4,000
  • or Dh 3,000, but the employing company provides the accommodation
  • and only employed people of some qualifying professions could unify their families in the Emirates

What about female UAE residents?

Only teachers, engineers and health care professionals could invite their family, if their monthly wage was above Dh 4,000. Women working in other sectors had to earn more than Dh 10,000 monthly. Above all they had to ask for special approval from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs. Now, the government liberated the right to sponsor the residence applications for family members for all. On the other hand the salary threshold remained unchanged.

Moreover, the Cabinet also called the other government entities to help the family members to enter the job market. This should serve as an alternative to find and recruit new immigrants from abroad.

Currently, the Dubai International Financial Centre invited the companies to nominate their expat employees to apply for the new long-term residency visas. According to The National, the United Arab Emirates launched its long-term residency scheme to attract new talents and to keep the professionals in the Emirates.

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