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New BBC2 documentary series focuses on immigration law and immigration lawyers

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A new TV documentary series which should prove to be of considerable interest to readers and members of EIN begins this Thursday on BBC2 at 9pm.

The three-part series, Who Should Get To Stay In The UK?, follows individual stories of immigrants making applications to remain in the UK and it also features the immigration lawyers tasked with helping them.

“People from abroad who want to live in the UK are so often talked about but so rarely heard. This series ought to remedy that somewhat, while also updating us on how draconian, labyrinthine or otherwise the legalities of immigration have become,” the Radio Times says.

The series will cover a wide spectrum of immigration applications, from entrepreneurs to asylum seekers.

According to the BBC, episode one this Thursday will feature a Russian student applying for an entrepreneur visa, a gay man from Trinidad and Tobago seeking asylum, a Scottish restaurateur trying to secure visas for chefs, and a Bangladeshi man seeking to stay in the UK on humanitarian grounds.

Solicitors Anne Morris, Mike McGarvey and Darren Stevenson, and barrister Ousman Noor are among the lawyers who will be featured this week.

The series will also feature EIN’s own Chair of Trustees, Gary McIndoe of Latitude Law. Others appearing include Garden Court and Free Movement’s Colin Yeo.


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