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Ministers questioned about illegal seaborne immigration

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Following news of increased numbers of migrants attempting to cross the English Channel, Phillip Hollobone MP asked the Home Secretary if he would prevent illegal seaborne migration across the English Channel.

Minister for Immigration, Caroline Nokes, told MPs,

“The solution is not all about increased surveillance in the UK but also about preventing vessels from leaving France in the first place. We have recently delivered drones and other surveillance equipment to France enabling their law enforcement officers to intercept and disrupt attempted crossings.”

Phillip Hollobone replied saying,

“Despite what the minister says, the problem is not getting better, it is getting worse”

Responding on behalf of the Opposition, Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott said,

“I would query the framing of the urgent question, talking about ‘illegal seaborne migration’. We cannot know whether these people are genuine refugees or not until we have the opportunity to examine their case.”

Source: https://www.parliament.uk/business/news/2019/june/ministers-questioned-about-illegal-seaborne-immigration/

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