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Migrants race to catch lorries heading to UK

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Young men, mainly of African origin, are arriving in Ouistreham and chasing lorries heading for the ferry port to bypass border controls.

Many are also choosing to sleep in the village park, on the roadside and in nearby woodland as French authorities try to prevent new camps from springing up.

The closure of the Calais jungle camp has seen migrants spread out across France’s northern border as they attempt to cross the Channel.

Police will often catch the culprits and grab them as they try to scramble into the back of lorries – but many will keep trying.

The latest footage released of migrants targeting the village comes as former Home Office civil servant Sir David Normington warned that Theresa May’s target to slash net migration to under 100,000 was “out of reach”.

He said a hard cap would be “very inflexible” without introducing identity cards, adding “targets get discredited if they are never met”.

The Daily Express last month told how the number of illegal migrants trying to sneak into the UK has quadrupled in four years. 

In 2013, 204 migrants were found attempting to reach Britain, with the figure rising to 835 in 2017. 

One Sudanese migrant, Tyga, said: “You must try every night. In a day I will get in a lorry three times. They always say try and come to England. That is a good country. You can make a good future for yourself.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1017360/migrants-race-lorries-heading-uk-immigrantion-crisis

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