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Migrants are heading to northern England to evade Calais to Dover patrols

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Migrants are heading to northern England and braving a 200-mile Channel crossing from Belgium to evade Calais to Dover patrols.

The new route was discovered after four Iranians were caught in Huttoft near Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire Coast, reports the Sun.

It comes after 27 suspected migrants were found in the back of his HGV on the M6 yesterday.

The trip, which is ten times the distance of the most common route between Calais and Kent, involved the most northerly landing in a small boat recorded.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid used the landing as an example to suggest border patrols being dispatched in places other than the South East coast.

He told the Commons: ‘There was a landing on the coast of Lincolnshire in, I believe, December. That is being looked into closely but we should look more widely than just the South East coast.’

The news comes as it was revealed that only one in three failed asylum seekers gets removed from Britain in a system ‘rife with abuse’ in a damning report.

Not only does this ‘corrode’ trust in the rules, but it also provides an incentive to migrants to try to reach the UK illegally, a former Home Office chief warned.

David Wood, head of immigration enforcement until 2015, sets out his findings today in a 74-page report for the think-tank Civitas.

After analysis of Home Office figures, Mr Wood said that between 2010 and 2016, 80,813 people were refused sanctuary or withdrew their asylum applications. Of these, only 29,659 were deported – just 36 per cent.

There was also a growing backlog of cases where people waited longer than six months – more than tripling from 4,081 at the start of the decade to 14,306 in 2017.

The former Home Office chief’s report will fuel concerns that Britain’s asylum regime is being exploited as a soft touch. Mr Wood said: ‘Once migrants reach the UK they are usually here to stay whether they have a valid claim to be here or not.

‘This means that these numbers add to an ever-growing number of migrants in the country who have no lawful entitlement to be here.

‘Furthermore, the failure to deal with this situation provides an incentive to further attempts to come to the UK by people who have no right to be here.’

Under the 1951 Refugee Convention, those seeking refuge from war or persecution can be granted asylum. UK rules allow unsuccessful applicants to appeal.

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6579965/Migrants-heading-northern-England-evade-Calais-Dover-patrols.html

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