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Migrant workers strike against being treated like dirt

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MIGRANT workers at a luxury club owned by a prominent supporter of Prime Minister Boris Johnson unanimously voted for strike action today after being treated like “dirt.”

Kitchen porters, organised by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), at the 5 Hertford Street private members’ club in London will now discuss a possible strike for the London Living Wage and occupational sick pay.

The club has been dubbed “Brexit HQ” because of its owner, millionaire Brexiteer Robin Birley, is a known bankroller of Mr Johnson.

Mr Birley donated £20,000 to his summer campaign for the Tory Party leadership and £250,000 to Ukip over the past few years.

Despite Mr Birley’s wealth, the workers of his club were only paid £8.65 an hour until the IWGB pressure won an increase to £9 in June, and a further rise to £9.50 this month.

They are now demanding the full living wage of £10.55, as well as full sick pay, meaning that they would receive money from the first day of sickness absence, rather than after three days.

IWGB president Henry Chango Lopez said: “By voting overwhelmingly in favour of strike action, the kitchen porters have sent a clear message that they will no longer be treated like the dirty dishes they clean.

“The club can more than afford to pay these workers the London Living Wage and proper sick pay.

“If Robin Birley refuses these completely reasonable demands, he will be forced to serve his meals on dirty dishes because those that clean them are out on strike.”

The workers’ strike dates look set to be finalised over the coming week.

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