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The London McDonald’s racist somehow managed to get even more racist

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Author: Narjas Zatat

More footage has emerged of the racist man caught spewing anti-immigrant and white supremacist statements at a London branch of McDonald’s – and he’s somehow managed to be even more racist than the original viral video.

The unidentified white man was recorded ranting in the Brixton branch of McDonald’s in which he claimed “white men built civilisation”, while also claiming that “[his] country is f****d” because it’s full of “feminists and immigrants”. The video of course went viral.

Now, in another video, he’s been caught once more sharing racist alternative facts. It’s unclear whether the rant occurred directly after his McDonald’s tirade, or if it was a fresh wave of stupidity he’d unleashed.

Twitter user @__Lexldn recorded it on video and posted on Twitter.

The man said:

We built civilisation, and you are parasiting off it.

White men built the world and you’re coming to my country to suck the energy from my country that we created.

We built Africa and now the white men have left Africa they’ve all gone back to being poor, and scratching the dirt.

We built Africa. Now you’ve chucked out the whites, you’ve gone back to being primitive f**king anti-diluvian. You have no money and no food. You kicked out the whites.


The man who took the video can be heard saying in the background, “Donnie is mad racist you know.”


Not only is it grossly racist, it’s also incredibly inaccurate. Somebody collect your uncle please.

Source: https://www.indy100.com/article/white-man-racism-sexism-xenophobia-mcdonalds-brixton-london-watch-video-8725726

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