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Local MP supports British Red Cross work with refugees

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Author- Naveen kasturia

During Refugee Week, Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock MP Bill Grant joined MPs from across the political spectrum to back the British Red Cross’s work supporting thousands of refugees forced to flee their homes

There are thought to be more than 25 million refugees worldwide and more than 44,000 people forced to flee their homes every day as a result of conflict and persecution

Mr Grant attended an event organised by the charity at the House of Commons, where politicians met with volunteers and staff to hear about the experiences and challenges that refugees face when they arrive and settle into the UK.

Alex Fraser, director of Refugee Support and Restoring Family Links at the British Red Cross said: “We believe that Every Refugee Matters and that’s why we speak up for their rights and call for a fair asylum system in the UK.”

“Refugees can face many challenges in the UK, including destitution, being separated from their loved ones, and barriers blocking them from work, education and healthcare.

Source- https://www.carricktoday.co.uk/news/politics/local-mp-supports-british-red-cross-work-with-refugees-1-4953072

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