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Lithuanian migrant causes panic after trying to take WW2 shell on Ryanair plane

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Author:Marta Szpakowska

Shocked customs officers carrying out a security check at Lublin airport in Poland were stunned when the man was asked to unpack his luggage, and after removing his mobile phone, keys and toiletries – also then pulled a 74mm World War II bomb shell.

Bomb squad officers were scrambled but it was quickly confirmed that the shell was no longer a threat as the detonator had been removed, and it has now been taken away for an investigation.

A spokesman at the airport later confirmed to CEN that the explosives inside the shell had been removed and it had therefore posed no danger to passengers.

Marta Szpakowska said: “It was a Second World War shell without any dangerous explosives inside nor detonator.”

The unnamed 20-year-old, who is from Lithuania and was travelling from Lublin to Stansted on Ryanair flight FR 9524 on Monday this week was arrested on the spot and remains in custody.

Marta Szpakowska added: “The passenger has been arrested and questioned. During the hearing he was made aware of the charges of criminal possession of a weapon.”

The passenger remains under arrest awaiting trial.

It was not revealed why the man had decided he wants to take the Second World War bomb back to the UK, or where he had obtained it.

But earlier in the month an American woman was also stopped this time at Vienna airport in Austria after trying to transport a bomb that she had found in the woods and wanted to fly back to America with.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/994726/Lithuanian-migrant-WW2-shell-bomb-Ryanair-plane-news-travel

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