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Letter: The UK is not ‘full’ and some immigrants fear for their lives

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Author: Letter Writer

As he was allowed space to further this nonsense I hope you will give me the right of reply.

I agree no country can have “uncontrolled immigration”.

This is why we don’t; the UK has an Immigration Service/Border Force at our borders to stop this very thing.

Who are these “various nationalities who slip under the searching headlights”?

If you want to make such a claim then back it up with some facts.

Facts are the very thing his letter contains none of. It is just rhetoric and shows possibly that he is reading and believing too many ‘red top’ newspapers.

The door is not open to “every economic chancer”, neither is it “blindingly obvious that allowing millions of migrants into the UK” and “thousands of illegal immigrants”; again statements of ignorance not facts.

These are statements which show his prejudice and are not facts.

If they are illegal how, Mr Martin, do you know there are thousands?

There have never been “millions” so where did that figure come from?

The UK is not full.

Not all immigrants come here just for cash, some fear for their lives but we’ll gloss over that shall we?

There are a variety of reasons why they are here not least because our ancestors raped, pillaged and stole from their countries we now have to do the right thing by them.

They work for low wages when they can because the unemployed of this country often sit back on benefits rather than do the work they do.

I have first hand knowledge of this situation being married to an asylum seeking immigrant.

So any time Mr Martin wants some facts just ask I will tell you facts for free about her “questionable” status.

Source: https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/16992580.letter-the-uk-is-not-full-and-some-immigrants-fear-for-their-lives/

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