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Jailed asylum seeker Aamer Atturshi in bid to return to Syria after ‘miserable’ time in Scotland

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Aamer Atturshi tried to push his way into solicitors offices, having been asked to leave.

The 33-year-old then became angry and began to shout and swear at staff.

Glasgow Sherrif Court heard Atturshi shouted: “You hate me, you f***** me, you hate Muslims and you have called Saddam.”

Staff members took him outside where he continued to shout and swear “f****** racists” at a solicitor and a case worker.

He told them: “I will remember you. I’m watching you.”

There was a three-year-old child inside the office so staff refused to give him entry and called police.

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When officers arrived Atturshi, who lives in Anniesland, was outside the office shouting “You f***** me. F*** all you racists.”

His defence brief told the court that Atturshi, who arrived in Scotland nine years ago to seek asylum, is currently suffering mental health issues linked to his long struggle for asylum.

He was at a “low ebb” at the time of the incident, on April 29 this year the court heard.

The lawyer said: “This is a man who has struggled for a long, long time with the difficulties of seeking asylum, he has mental health problems and has been living on the breadline.

“He was very distressed while going over the terms of the [social work] report.

“His time in Scotland has been so miserable that he wants to return to Syria.

“He is having a crisis in his mental health at the moment and the man has reached such a low ebb.

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“I have great sympathy for him and what he has gone through in the past nine years.”

Atturshi was also sentenced for a second offence, on January 30 this year, at William Hill on Queen Street.

He shouted, swore and screamed at staff with his fists clenched before throwing items in the bookmakers.

Sheriff Diana McConnell handed down a jail term.

She said: “I have listened to everything he has told me about your background and your situation.

“I take account of your record and I take account of the fact you are currently subject to a Community Payback Order and the progress you have made in respect of the recent order.

“I have considered whether there is a viable alternative to a custodial sentence in this case and I have come to the conclusion there is not.”

For one charge, Atturshi was sentenced to a three month prison term reduced from four months due to an early guilty plea and for a second charge he was sentenced to the same.

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