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‘It’s a CHARADE’ Merkel’s EU migrant deal DISMANTLED as desperate power grab

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ANGELA Merkel’s latest migrant deal with other members of the European Union is “a little bit of a charade” to secure an electoral victory to her Bavarian allies, independent political analyst Steven Meissner claimed.

 rushed to Brussels last week to enter emergency talks with other  members to change the bloc’s migration policy and secure her position in Germany.

The Chancellor managed to reach a new deal with EU members to shake off the pressure from the Christian Social Union (CSU) threatening to abandon her coalition Government unless she agreed to end her open door policy.

But Steven Meissner dismissed the apparent deal, suggesting instead EU leaders would simply ignore the new terms that would see them volunteer to accept migrants to their countries.

Speaking to RT UK, Mr Meissner said: “It’s a bit of a show as we’ve now found out because Poland and Hungary and Italy and a number of other countries have said there is no such agreement.

“What is she talking about? I don’t think this policy was ever meant to seriously be implemented in the first place.”

Mrs Merkel was put under pressure from her Bavarian allies the in the CSU, whose leader Horst Seehofer threatened to resign as Germany’s interior minister unless the country toughened up its border controls.

The new deal failed to offer a shared responsibility for migrants arriving in Europe, allowing “voluntary solidarity” for the bloc’s efforts to tackle legal immigration with so-called “disembarkation platforms” to dissuade people from making the often fatal Mediterranean crossing.

Mr Meissner continued: “Everything that’s ever been done on a voluntary basis basically never happens.

“I think the whole thing is a bit of a charade, a bit of a show, to buy time for the CSU – the Bavarian party – to get them over the hump.

“They have to somehow show themselves as hard-line tough guys at least until the elections in October in Bavaria.”

The independent political analyst added: “After that, it doesn’t really matter anymore.

“Then they’ve got another four years to much around as they like.”

Austria takes over the Presidency of the European Union until January 2018 and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said that protecting European citizens remained the bloc’s “top priority.”

Speaking after the summit, Mr Kurz said: “That is why we need a paradigm shift in our migration policy. We need to focus more on the safeguarding of our external borders as the prerequisite for a common border-free Europe.

“We really need to focus on what unites us.”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/983979/Merkel-news-EU-member-states-migrant-deal-Germany-Austria-Italy-EU-summit-latest


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