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The immigration question polls don’t ask

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Author: The Conservative Woman

‘The immigration debate has been distorted by dogma’. This was how the Times’swelcomed the publication of the Migration Advisory Committee’s report last week. The lesson to be taken was that the government should aim for ‘a Brexit dividend of more skilled migrant workers, not fewer’.

An ICM poll for British Future on attitudes towards immigration published a couple of days later focussed on these dis-aggregated numbers – skilled versus unskilled and so on – which you can see here. But what respondents felt about overall numbers – the overall level of immigration wasn’t asked.

Yet it is concern about the bigger picture, as Lord Green argued in TCW last week – about the wider demographic context, the rate and extent of population expansion -that politicians perhaps are ignoring at their peril.

Here we give you the chance to answer the simple question that pollsters and politicians alike chose to avoid:

Source: https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/the-immigration-question-polls-dont-ask/

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