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I’m an NHS doctor and the home office has terrorised my patients

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Author: Dolin Bhagawati

As of the 2011 census, 20 per cent of the UK population identify something other than “white British” i.e. either an immigrant or descendant of one. At the time this would have translated to 12.6m people – a significant portion of the electorate – especially given the total number of those who voted conservative in the 2017 election was 13.2million.

However, research by the race inequality think tank The Runnymede Trust has shown that in the 2017 election, approximately 77 per cent of BAME voters plumped for Labour. Since then, the Tory party has clearly failed to understand why this has happened and continues to do so while making no efforts to rectify a racist policy.

The hostile environment introduced by the coalition government in May 2012 has disenfranchised generations of migrants and their descendants in an illegal fashion – exemplified by the Windrush scandal that continues to rumble on with unsatisfactory conclusions.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/home-office-windrush-scandal-tory-leadership-sajid-javid-hostile-a8940546.html

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