A spokesman for the Home Office said the individuals told the attending officers they were from Ukraine.

He added: ‘Working in partnership with Hampshire police, Border Force officers attended a vessel at Gosport Marina today.

‘The four individuals presented themselves as Ukrainian nationals.

‘They are being dealt with by the Home Office in accordance with immigration rules.’

He did not confirm if they were seeking asylum or what would happen to the group.

Pictures taken by an eye-witness showed the Border Force officers at the marina shortly after 11am.

He said: ‘Apparently the boat arrived at the marina on Saturday night after struggling to get into the harbour due to the winds and tides.

‘It called an emergency distress call and that alerted authorities.

‘We saw border force take them away yesterday morning and they let them pack bags before taking them.’

He added the group had a dog on the boat and took it with them.

A Hampshire police spokeswoman said Border Force take the lead on these sort of incidents.

When asked by The News, Gosport Marina owners Premier Marinas declined to comment.