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Hungary to WITHDRAW from UN migration pact amid security fears of ‘ENCOURAGING migrants’

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HUNGARY will withdraw from the United Nations (UN) migration pact before it’s final agreement as it blasts it as a “threat to the world” and “entirely against” its security interests.

The Global Compact For Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration has been approved by every UN member state, apart from the US which withdrew from the agreement last year.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said: “The pact is entirely against Hungary’s security interests.”

He also claimed the pact “could inspire millions” of migrants and was “extreme, biased and facilitates migration”.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has taken a hard line against immigration.

The move has caused tension between Budapest and Brussels and during the height of the refugee crisis in 2015, Hungary accused the EU of being “too slow to act”.

It then began constructing razor-wire fences along its border with Serbia.

The nation later said the decision led to an almost 100 percent drop in illegal immigration.

Mr Szijjarto claimed the UN pact made migration seem as though it was “a good and inevitable phenomenon”.

But Hungary considers migration “a bad process, which has extremely serious security implications”.

The minister also complained that Hungary’s proposals had been ignored during the discussion of the document.

He also claimed the document favoured nations in Africa and Latin America where migrants often travel from.

Poland, the Czech Republic and Austria have also taken a hard line against migration.

They claim mainly Muslim immigrants cannot assimilate into their Christian societies.

The EU launched legal cases against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic for refusing “to take the necessary action” in helping to deal with the refugee crisis.

In May, Hungary and Poland rejected EU refugee quotas.

It was after EU leaders agreed to relocate around 160,000 migrants out of a total of more than two million who arrived in Europe since 2015.

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