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Home Secretary Sajid Javid is urged to ‘get a grip’ on UK’s borders

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Sajid Javid was urged to ‘get a grip’ on Britain’s borders as the sunny weekend weather brought a record number of migrant crossings from France.

A total of 74 people, including women and children, were intercepted on Saturday having crossed the world’s busiest shipping lane.

It was the largest single-day total since the Home Secretary declared the attempts to get into Britain a ‘major incident’ in December.

Seven boats were stopped in the Channel by the Border Force and the RNLI and brought into Dover, Kent, while an eighth – carrying eight men – made it to Winchelsea beach in East Sussex. Two further boats were intercepted in France by French authorities.

A criminal investigation has now been launched but the volume of migrants still reaching Britain has raised questions over the Home Office’s failure to deal with the influx.

Charlie Elphicke, MP for Dover, said: ‘This crisis was meant to have been dealt with at Christmas, yet numbers continue to rise. It looks set to surge to record levels… The Home Office needs to get a grip on this crisis.’

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7097501/Home-Secretary-Sajid-Javid-urged-grip-UKs-borders.html

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