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The Home Secretary is right about the migrants

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THE Home Secretary has questioned whether the people attempting to cross the Channel are genuine asylum seekers: it took no time at all for the usual suspects to start screeching the place down.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid (Image: Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

His words were “utterly disgusting” yelled Labour MP Stella Creasy: oh no they were not. “Europe cannot close its borders,” warned Jeremy Corbyn: oh yes it can and the Leader of the Opposition might not have noticed this, but it is Europe’s porous borders that have caused a crisis across the continent. Its slowness to act has made a parlous situation even worse.

Sajid Javid was absolutely right to point out that France is a safe, stable country and no one living in it need genuinely seek asylum elsewhere.

It is also the case that if we don’t act now to stop people in unseaworthy little boats attempting to make their way across the world’s busiest shipping lane, there will very soon be a major tragedy.

What would the likes of Stella Creasy start saying if the bodies of children washed up on the shore?

The only way to deal with this situation is to make it absolutely clear that anyone who makes their way to this country in such a manner will be sent back.

The Prime Minister was being serious when she said it was her deal, no deal or no Brexit (Image: Adrian Dennis/ WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Preparing for a no-deal

SO THE Government is strengthening preparations for a no-deal Brexit: good. T

he EU has clearly been trying to take advantage of us in every conceivable way on the grounds that they would not believe we would really leave without a deal: it is time to show them we would do just that.

Brexit: No deal will be GOOD for trading relations says former MP

No doubt they are also aware of the fact that £39billion is at stake: if there’s no deal, there’s no divorce payment. That should focus the collective EU mind.

As for MPs, they must finally understand that the Prime Minister was being serious when she said it was her deal, no deal or no Brexit.

That last option would be unpalatable to the people who voted Leave all those many long months ago. Is it too much to ask that MPs finally get on with the job?

Wise words from Big Yin

BILLY CONNOLLY has spent his life bringing a great deal of joy to a great many people and as he films what may be his last television appearance, he reveals a truly moving attitude towards the fate we will all face in the end.

He is ill and not going to get better but talks now of facing “some other adventure”.

What a truly inspirational man.

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