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Home Office ‘loses’ Inverness-based soldier’s immigration appeal

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Author: highland-news.co.uk
Denis Omandi with daughter Ann and stepsons Dylan and Lewis during a visit to Kenya.

MP Drew Hendry has alleged in parliament that the Home Office has lost the file on a serving British soldier seeking to bring his daughter to live with him in the UK.

Mr Hendry raised the issue of Denis Omondi’s fight during Prime Minister’s Questions last month.

From Kenya, Mr Omondi joined the British Army from university as a Commonwealth solider and has served around the world including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Currently based at Fort George and unaware of the existence of his now 14-year-old daughter Ann until she was eight, he is seeking to bring her to live with him, with the agreement of Ann’s mother who is in a new relationship.

Theresa May pledged that the Home Secretary would look into the matter, but according to Mr Hendry, speaking at Scottish Questions today in the House of Commons, after a wait of some weeks the file has been misplaced by the Home Office.

Mr Hendry said: “What faith can the people of Scotland have in the new immigration bill when, after I have raised it with the Prime Minister and (received) a promised intervention by the Home Secretary, the Home Secretary’s office tells me yesterday that they have lost the file on Denis Omandi, the serving British solider in 7 Scots who has been denied a visa for his young daughter? Will the Scottish Secretary now get personally involved in this travesty?”

In response Scottish Secretary David Mundell said: “I am very disappointed in what the honourable member has had to say and yes of course I will.”

Mr Omand’s wife Shelagh said the family were “shocked” at the news his file appears to have been lost.

“The whole thing is a nightmare that’s just dragging on and on and meantime Ann is stuck in limbo,” she said.

“We are both really grateful to Drew Hendry and his team. They are being a fantastic support and are fighting really hard for our family.

“We are also grateful that the Scottish Secretary is willing to get involved.”

Source: https://www.highland-news.co.uk/News/Home-Office-loses-Inverness-based-soldiers-immigration-appeal-20022019.htm

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