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Home Office ‘doomed to repeat the mistakes of Windrush’

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The mistakes made by the Home Office over the Windrush scandal are doomed to be repeated unless the department completely overhauls its systems, according to a report about its approach to processing immigration applications.

The authors, from the charity Freedom from Torture (FFT), say they have seen a draft of the Windrush Lessons Learned review, which suggests the procedures that led to the suffering of the Windrush generation are continuing to cause problems in other situations.

The report, Lessons Not Learned: the failures of asylum decision making in the UK, focuses on asylum seekers’ experiences when their applications are processed by the Home Office. It analysed 50 reports from 17 organisations, including the UN, parliamentary committees and independent inspectorates. Almost 1,800 cases were analysed with 100 asylum interviews observed or audited.

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