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Hillary Clinton launches poisonous attack on migrants

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Author: Alistair Farrow

Hillary Clinton has blamed migrants travelling to Europe for the rise of the “populist right” internationally. She attacked European states for being too accepting of migrants in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

“I think Europe needs to get a handle on migration because that is what lit the flame,” said Clinton, referring to the rise of the right.

The Guardian also sought out the opinion of mass murderer and former British prime minister Tony Blair. He said, “You’ve got to deal with the legitimate grievances and answer them, which is why today in Europe you cannot possibly stand for election unless you’ve got a strong position on immigration because people are worried about it.”

There is no evidence that migration has a negative impact on wages, housing costs, or any other of the “legitimate grievances” he thinks people have.

The people responsible for low wages are the bosses who have slashed and held them down for a decade of austerity.

When Blair, Clinton and the like point the finger of blame at migrants they are fuelling the far right, not undermining it.

The move by Clinton is the latest stage in her mission to rehabilitate herself in the wake of the disastrous 2016 presidential election. This involves her blaming anyone for her loss to Donald Trump but herself.

“I always believed in the [2016 US presidential] campaign … the moderators would ask the hard questions, they would force us to respond and they would draw out the differences. That never happened,” she complained.

Now her and other liberals want to tie the Brexit vote, the rise of the far right in Europe and Donald Trump’s election win together as one process. Their explanation for all of these is that ordinary people are racist and the political centre has not been racist enough.

The interviews are part of a six month “exploration” by The Guardian about the rise of populism. For the Guardian, populism “is often combined with a ‘host’ ideology, which can either be on the left or right.”

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn falls into the same category. According to the newspaper, populists “insist that the general will of the people must always triumph.”

This supposedly makes figures such as Hillary Clinton necessary—to balance the unrealistic demands of the right and left and act as a gatekeeper.

It’s one of the many hypocrisies of liberalism that its leaders are willing to condemn migrants and refugees to death to advance the prospect of their progressive leadership.

People who risk the dangerous journey to Europe are often fleeing wars started by Western states, or fleeing countries impoverished by imperial powers.

The rise of the far right must be confronted head on. And fighting for higher wages means stronger unions, organisation and strikes over pay that can unite all workers.

The medicine that Clinton, Blair and other liberals prescribe is poisonous.

Source: https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/47542/Hillary+Clinton+launches+poisonous+attack+on+migrants

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