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Why healthcare for all is a feminist issue

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Rosa Campbell, another Feminist Fightback member, said, “We changed the banner because we do not uncritically celebrate Millicent Fawcett. Fawcett, like other suffragettes, was complicit in racism and imperialism. Fawcett was outraged that Maori women in New Zealand got the vote before British women. Ensuring everyone has access to the care they need, irrespective of immigration status, is a critical issue for feminists. We believe we must move forward with a feminism that challenges oppression and fights genuinely for justice for all.”

Get involved:

Come to a Feminist Fightback meeting and be part of the campaign to end the charges. The meetings are open to all women, including intersex, trans and cis women, and to people of diverse gender identities in need of feminist solidarity.

Get involved with Docs Not Cops.

Use the Patients not Passports toolkit to find out how you can start a campaign where you are or how you can take action if you’re a healthcare worker.

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